54 (1/12) Movie CLIP – Getting In (1998) HD

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Shane (Ryan Phillippe)  and  his friend Ricko (Mark Ruffalo) try to get into  studio  54.

This film looks back at the Disco Era when the popular Studio 54 was at its apogee. The story introduces 19-year-old Irish-American Shane O’Shea, who quickly rises from busboy to bartender at Studio 54. The story spans the summer of 1979 until the decline of Studio 54 a year later.

TM & © Miramax Films (1998)
Cast: Mike Myers, Mark Ruffalo
Director: Mark Christopher
Producers: Don Carmody, Bobby Cohen, Ira Deutchman, Richard N. Gladstein, Dolly Hall, Jonathan King, Margot Lulick, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Lila Yacoub
Screenwriter: Mark Christopher

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João Vítor says:

That's why I gotta get skinny

Wolfram Hart says:

Que belleza Ryan

MOI MOI says:

Petite erreur………….quand il rentre dans le club il y a au dessus de la porte un petit laser vert……..pour avoir cette couleur vert fluo il faut une diode yag et a cette époque cela n' existé pas encore

Harold Bhen Ybanez says:

What site were i can watch this

Adam Explores says:


Zehlua Hulderbat says:

What song is playing as he walks into the club?

bienenpaps t says:

Never let in my Cousins …they Look Like Shit …😂😂😂

rob yohn says:

steve rubell was a jerk. im glad that place is gone. arrogant, pompous. he got in trouble with the irs which served him right.

dirtydiscosecrets says:

sexy muthafucka

Borisdrift///M3 says:

I love whenever you go into to a club and you keep walking until the muisc gets louder i love that feeling

HrcoGG says:

Whats that intro sing getting inside?

Lovi Poekimo says:

I'd choose you Ryan Philippe. Anytime, all the time.

Zarathustra333 says:

The whore of Babylon and Her resurgence. Coming to America more than ever…

missy thatsame says:

Mike Myers is amazing..

John Faulkner says:

54 those were the days when men were man and boys were so so good, not sure if they would let a club like 54 open these days. To all the kings and Queens peace and love lots of it.

PGCvidquest says:

What is the name of the song as he walked in?

Woozler554 says:

I was at Studio 54 in those days.  I was a Jersey kid who was around Ryan Phillippe's age as depicted here, and even looked like him, with the same hair color and combed-back layered style. I can tell you first hand that what is depicted in this clip is PRECISELY the way things were conducted there at the time. They roped off the front door, and they would only let you in if you: 1)  were famous, 2) looked "right", 3) were there before, or 4)  were with someone who was there before. NO EXCEPTIONS. Money itself was not a factor. I once saw two guys ride up in a chauffer-driven limousine, and even they were turned down.

Studio 54 was not the only place to do that. A block or so away was another disco called "New York New York". The entrance was a one-way mirrored door, and the doorman would open it for you only if you were "right". And EXACTLY as depicted in this clip, the doorman would only let me and one other person in, telling us our other friends would have to get lost.

jrmetmoi says:

Mike Myers so pervy

Mariana Coronado says:

0:11 is really painful to see Mark Ruffalo's talent squandered this way and thinking he had to wait for years to have a real chance to shine..

Hot80s says:

r. phillipe looked good back then.

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