After School Routine – Studio B

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After School there is a lot that needs to happen. Im hungry, I have things I want to do, but first, things I must do. This video is all about the things I must do, before I get to do the things I want! Im dying to know the things you have to do after school. Make sure to comment below so we can learn each others tasks below 🙂 Thanks for watching!


Ameena kauser says:

Who have four maid's and go to tution

Ameena kauser says:

Not you Brooke

Ameena kauser says:

You are trying to show off, am I right ?

Fiseha Tikuye says:

I go to crutch to.

Ginny lestrange says:

My after school routine varies it depends when my mum works

Kolossal Keerthna says:

I’m just like you i am in sixth I have to do spectrum 6th grade and I used to do khan academy but now I do

Afshan Iqbal says:

I am in 6th grade

Afshan Iqbal says:

Khan academy is made from Pakistan and I am from there

Brianna's World of Music says:

When I get home,
1.hang up coat and put shoes away
2. empty backpack
3. hang up backpack
4. wash hands
5. have a snack
6. relax homework
8.pack backpack for tomorrow
I love your vids Brooke!

Aubrey Ochoa says:

I have to do my homework then do the 🐱 litter dishes , and room even on weekends not fair😠

CharlieCRW says:

what what grade are u in?

Cerenity Chan says:

When I get back from school

1. Eat Microwave fries
2. Do my homework (It's hard)
3. Clean my room and living room (Usually takes 40 or 20 minutes) I also wash the dishes
4. Chill out and talk to my friends over the phone
5. Eat dinner
6. Chill and go to bed.

Gassia Aintablian says:

So from monday to thursday the bus drops me off at our mail box i get the mail and walk home then when i get home i eat smt and then do my homework after that i shower then read or watch youtube and sleep and on fridays i have cooking class and scouts so i don’t do anything i just come home and relax and on the weekend i do chores and homwork

Joshua Crowe says:

love you and your vids please keep doing them!

Forum Mehta says:

You are growing very confidently. Keep up the good work. I love your videos 😊

Phil Halvorson says:

I'm lucky I don't have any homework or chores

Abia Aneel says:

you are so pretty and cute 🙂

Cloud Antelope says:

Try ixl it has a lot of subjects that are important and all grades it helps me a lot

Hey it's Juris Prudence says:

Wow, it seems like you're studious!

the lady blog says:

Here's what I do
1: first I have a snack
2: then I do my homework (if I have any)
3: then I clean the side of my room and bag up my clothes
4: clean my school uniform in the washer
5: chill out for a few seconds on my phone
6: take a shower
7: eat dinner
8: chill until bed time

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