All 22 Studio Ghibli Movies Ranked Worst to Best

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As fan of Studio Ghibli, I thought it was time to rank all 22 Studio Ghibli Anime Movies Ranked Worst to Best.

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TheMusicMan1012 says:

My personal favorite – Nausicaa & the Valley of the Wind, probably also my favorite animated movie ever, and Nausicaa herself might be my favorite character in all of fiction.

TheMusicMan1012 says:

I'm super happy you ranked Porco Rosso high on the list, that is definitely one of Miyazaki's most overlooked movies (besides maybe Nausicaa) But yeah, the concept of a WWI veteran turned pig a very hard sell to most people, sounds pretty stupid actually, like kid movie fodder. But jokes on them, because this is one of Miyazaki's most adult work, with Porco himself being the most badass pig ever, and gotta give a shoutout to Fio, the funniest character in it.

john grande says:

Excellent video buddy. I enjoyed the your explanations on each film. I’d love to go back and start rewatching all of these studio Ghibli films again. They’re so deep and beautiful to watch. Cheers man!

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