Amelie Lens – live bij Studio Brussel

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alex mazal says:

Super, mixes, track continues, sounds, how you flow with your set… Im your fan;)

jan wijnants says:

miljaar die kan toch een pakske draaien!

Tristan Garcia says:

tout c'est pousse en bas c'est que de la JEALOUSY

Tristan Garcia says:

la Reine de tous c'est dj qui mix de la techno <3

L F says:

I love her… what an alien! 👽

J. Sch. says:

Hallo Amelie Lens schöne weihnachten 2018 , du machst richtig gute Techno Musik. J.

Gal Gilboa says:

you sweet amelie! so wonderful

Joshua Boots says:

1.16.34? Iemand idee hoe die beat heet

flow says:

1:04:22 oi where did the DJ go??!?!?!

flow says:

Fuck me, this is some great DJing

flow says:


Yome Katsuma says:

Princess ! what a set <3 – what a DJ – MeeeoW

o .o says:

👌 amelie

Brande Barrett says:

It seems like she's constantly going under the table for something. And it seems like it happens in every one of her sets, but I don't think I've ever seen other DJs do this. So I'm assuming that she has a pet raccoon down there and she feels the need to pet it every so often because, you know, she's nice like that. And if there's no raccoon down there then I can only assume that it's a pile of cocaine.

mja music switzerland says:


Vital-Aktiv says:


michele bibi says:

tecnica = 0 musica = 0 forse se mi drogo la digerisco ….

Luis Mendizabal says:

new Amelie Lens track ‘Basiel’ You can listen NOW:

Kim Rex says:

5:065:30 WTF??????

AusDemFF says:

1:04:21 Amelie used Dig!…it´s very effective!

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