Android Quickstart: How To Create Calendar View In Android Application

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Topic: Android Quickstart: How To Create Calendar View In Android Application.
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Jhay-ar Perez says:

that enter tho.. HAHAHAHAHA

Reflexez says:

is there an easy way to "RETURN" data from a SQLite database and for the SPECIFIC day, make it show up in the corresponding calendar box/day? i.e. November 1, 2018 data in SQLite would show up on the "1" box for November.

ThΓ nh Phan says:

i want to create separator lines weeks. How's it?

darkman237 says:

Got a binary XML error #45 null. Anyone know how to fix that?

Fausto CΓ©sar says:

Hi everyone! how I can setup a ical in this calendar?


Thank you for made this video, but i want your help how to change the name of month like you change the name of week?

Entertainment SLC says:

Cool Video man.

udaya sri says:

I want material calendar view in vertical scrollable with events like today calendar app instead of clicking next, previous, how to do please give any solution for this?

Samir Dev says:

If make part 2 add from below show history of today

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