Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine’s Date

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Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine’s Date. She’s Susan WEE-bers,  and  she’s here to get you ready for your big night!!! Follow her tips  and  your date will love you as much as Susan loves Richard Simmons!

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Cast: Natalie Madsen  and  Matt Meese
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Natalie Madsen
Editor: Trent Woolford

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Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine’s Date


Studio C says:

Who's your dream celebrity Valentine's date? 💘 (Sorry, Richard Simmons is TAKEN.)

Evan B says:

I did. Why Did I

Penguin says:

My sister was born the day this was posted she's five days old today can I get five likes

The Seven Sided Snowflake says:

"Pain is beauty" Hello knives my old friend, I've come to see you again.

iceteafresh offthestreet says:

Shut up CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Horizon says:

This is really greate advice, can't wait to try

Mia Rice says:

when susan weebers has a better love life than you

Daniel Compton says:

1:03 Becuase who doesn't want to look in love?!
Carl: Other people.
Susan weebers: SHUT UP, CARL!

Lilly Saber says:

Bring back Scott Sterling!!

Emily Kitchin says:

🤣I'm dead!!!🤣

Obdulia Hernandez says:

Good advise good advise

Naturally Loachy says:

You guys should do one when she gets her braces and stuff off and make her look amazing

Shadowa Twillight says:

I've missed Susan Weebers so much, its hilarious!

hasrolhafiz says:

Hate you susan weebers

Abigail Flowers says:

Love the ending

Yosemite Girl2006 says:

omg she looks life Effie Trinket at the age of 14

John Michael says:

I am using this advice

Addison Winward says:

Makes me sad, Studio C has to review old content because they don't have any creativity. 🙁

Sophia G says:

It's funny because she still has a crush on Richard Simmons

Sally 2626 says:

How much you want to bet that was her brother that she bribed?

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