Behind-the-Scenes of our Modern Traditional Photoshoot

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We’re styling our new arrivals in a Modern Traditional Space. Stay tuned, the product drops tomorrow!! SHOP NEW ARRIVALS: / MORE PHOTOS + TIPS:

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Cinzia De Luca says:

Ooooo I liked this behind the scenes look at the placement of different design pieces. It was really interesting to see the blue painting blend in and then to see the contrasting terracotta lamp with the white painting. Very different looks. I love the blue though. I also really liked the feminine desk style. Do you use mainly fake trees and plants in your designs i.e. the fiddle leaf fig plant?

Sharon Damongeot says:

Absolutely beautiful!

rneustel says:

Oooh, oooh, are y’all going to have a catalog coming out for spring and summer? That would be awesome if you did!! I love the spaces you did here—I feel like a broken record because I say that about every space y’all decorate, but it’s true! This really is a cute house—it has so much charm for a new house! 😘

Rita Crane says:

I'm obsessed with that rug and the price is AAAH-Mazing! Great job as always SM Team!

Yvonne Sanders says:

Love your design style so much! Where can the modern chair be purchased? Is it a Studio McGee piece? Thank you!

Kita Karns says:

Absolutely love your design style 💝. We are remodeling our home and I have viewed tons of your videos for inspiration. Thank you!!! And that oatmeal color sweater is soooo gorgeous! Do you mind sharing where it’s from 😊

Iris Fuchs says:

As always, beautiful, cozy and inspiring design! You're so talented

Wish you were using more faux leather products

nathan says:

Beautiful floors! Would you happen to know what they are called?

Edit: Beautiful home by the way, I’m looking forward to ordering the rug 😁

Chaz Evansdale says:

Love your style as always 🙂

Thibaut Barthélemy says:

You put my sofa pillows on the dirty ground outdoor? So your clean-looking interiors are all misleading illusions?

love spice says:

Great job always! I want to know where did you get your cable knit beautiful sweater????

Anna Hitts says:

Love this!❤️ You all are SO inspiring and there hasn’t been any time I haven’t liked your style. Love you guys❤️⭐️🌻

Jeannine Butland says:

Went to your web site to order some bits and you don’t ship to Australia, any chance you might in the future?

Deette Kearns says:

It’s just fantastic. I just love your style. I love more clutter, but I love the clean design style you bring to all your homes. And your videos are just so well produced. Thank you!

SSG says:

Hello team McGee! How are you? Looks like you all had a fine time styling this house. Love the rug. LOVE the sofa. Cheers, Ardith

Marie B. says:

Beautiful! Which rug is in the living room (shots with blue leather couch)? I went to your site, but I am not sure which one it it. The colors in the video are perfect for my home. Love!

Chani P says:

What’s the name of the white color on walls?

Amy Mason says:

Saw this on your Instagram and couldn't wait for the video – amazing work as always!

Евгения Дзайнукова says:

Очень вас люблю ! Вы лучшие !

Semi Veg says:

Everything is beautiful as usual. And also you guys wear THEEEE cutest clothes! Where did that tall blonde girl with the white top get it? It's so cute!

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