Beyond Ghibli – A look at Japan’s best anime directors

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Studio Ghibli has a bit of a monopoly when it comes to anime in the west. This video series, Beyond Ghibli, takes a look at the best of the business outside of their bubble.

In this video I take a look at the best directors in Japan, both living  and  dead,  and  my favourite films from their portfolios.


(01:01) Mamoru Hosada  and  The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
(02:59) Tezuka, Rintaro  and  Metropolis
(06:21) Makoto Shinkai  and  The Children Who Chase Lost Voices
(10:12) Satoshi Kon  and  Tokyo Godfathers

RADWIMPS – Sparkle [Off Vocal]
Kiyoshi Yoshida – Natsuzora
Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You
Toshiyuki Honda – Metropolis
Anri Kumaki – Hello, Goodbye & Hello
Susumu Hirasawa – A Drop Filled with Memories
Susumu Hirasawa – The Girl in Byakkoka


krt dhi says:

I'm looking for a animated movie where a boy adopt a ugly lizard like animal ??? Does anyone know thenname

waldosan says:

so the last guy, just has a random woman just hopping off a bridge. also a row of business men synchronized diving off a building, i might watch paprika but i think i'm going to pass for now until my headspace is in the right place.

Tem S says:

ive seen most of those Miyazaki ones. a few others but will be getting the ones mentioned

Franck James says:

What do you think of Hiroyuki Okiura ? Think of "Jin-roh" and "A Letter to Momo" films

Ferra Zm says:

Why are all of these comments came from days ago?

Jordan Lonsdale says:

Hey, this video was great, thanks! I only have one request: please warn us before spoiling anything major!

bladerj says:

00:10 hideako anno and miyazaki wow

Angie Natoyn says:

Should have shown your mother Grave of the Fireflies.

Tim Meyer says:

I loves Voices of a Distant Star. It was a beautiful and sad half hour. You could have probably included Watanabe on the list. Even though he is mostly known for tv series, anime is more than feature films.

I can't remember who did this film, but Grave of the Fireflies has got to be one of the most gut wrenching, emotional anime films I have ever seen.

NetherTraveler says:

i stopped the video at 9:06 and am now watch the children who chase lost voices

Sajid Anonto says:


Boxbird572 says:

Yup, I agree, these peps are all my personal favourites (including studio Ghibli)

Alex Ulacio says:

Watching the video I was preparing for a long complain if Satoshi Kon was not included, but he was! I discovered this man less than 24 hours ago and he is a genius to me already, I watched Perfect Blue and Paprika.. both masterpieces.

Robert Paulson says:

RIP Satoshi Kon

Broken Tooth says:

Kon is GOAT!

koudacyen says:

Unfortunately I've seen all but metropolis which isnt my thing

STORCK says:

A boy and the beast is a fucking masterpiece!

Steph Sparkles says:

Thank you for this video!
Every single movie you talk about are amazing!

Kenson Luk says:

thanks for the recommendations! i will certainly look some of those directors work up.
Hayao Miyazaki is probably best at world building, his attention to detail in crafting the lore/worlds/cultures and realistic relatable characters, no matter if they are boys, girls, old people. hes like the spielberg, but with anime, theres a lot more creative, tech and budget freedom.
but satoshi kon is still my fav. hes like the david fincher/Christopher nolan. his understanding of anime as his selected medium is second to nobody. his edits, music, especially his story telling method, e.g. shown in perfect blue and millennium actress… i still get emotional when i rewatch his movies.

Kaipyro67ALT says:

To everyone who says "Your Name" is overrated; Just because a film is good AND successful doesn't make it "overrated."
Every film means something different to different people. Your Name spoke to me due to the theme of long distance relationships. I currently am in one and it hit me really hard. That feeling of knowing someone so well despite almost never seeing them in person, and then forgetting them as if you had never interacted at all. It was pretty heartbreaking for me.
This isn't me saying Your Name is the best film. But I love Castle in the Sky as my favourite Ghibli film. I know plenty of people who prefer Howl's Moving Castle or Kiki's Delivery Service or The Wind Rises and all of those are okay too! Like what you like and be interested when someone else prefers another film.

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