Blueface – Studio (LYRICS)

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Blueface – Studio
Prod. by Laudiano x Dnyc3


Blueface – Respect My Crypn
Blueface – Next Big Thing
Blueface – Fucced Em
Blueface – Deadlocs


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Yea that’s cute can you turn around says:

“ Just ‘cause I put my meat in her cheese, I’m still not yours”🤣🤣💯.

DnashThaRapperVEVO says:

Good hook horrible verse

Latrice Jenkins says:

Cool 😎 song blue face

Fabian garica says:

Blueface song are always the best

Jae Gillespie says:

i love you i wish i could see you but  i wouldn't make it on the  deadlocs


Best part it was straight up 🔥

KelisBanger gG says:

oh shit this nigga singing

Nick Macklin says:


Endless Passion says:

I like it a lot. New workout song for chest and back superset.

Kitty Catt says:

I’m a female rapper from Alaska
Please check out my songs
Thank you dear 💗

Peace & Love

obris says:

Ummmm….what 🤨

xStailynx Aka Gee says:

Kinda was on beat for a while

BReadyy TV says:


Quintell Pratcher Jr. says:

Best song ever by blueface

ThaYungBoiStarr says:

This aint it cuh….

Justice League says:

😂😂😂bruh this is ass af

Rambunk says:

How is he already a legend. Wow

Keyoni Reid says:

Yeah ieight

Life With Leah says:

🔥🔥bluefaceee baby

M B says:


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