Blueface – Studio (Official Audio)

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Blueface – Studio

Produced by: Laudiano & Dnyc3

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Zavier Bruggers says:


Woodston 123 says:

Who else here from funnymike??

Desiree roshae says:

not a stripper but I keep a pole

Gume Candela says:

Respect my crippen

Victoria Cabras says:

he off from the beat but its good

Martha Elizabeth says:

It’s 2019 and this song still fire 🔥!!

Ace Scumpii says:

Fuck blue Face he a bitch nigga

Mr Clamp says:

0:21 who else heres be nice to satan

Toxic Disciple says:

Serve squad

Evan Williams says:

More shells than Taco Bell ?? 😳😂😂😂

Meiko Pounds says:

0:13 Ya Aight!!

Random Boss says:

"if u dont want smoke stop enhalin it"

Andrew says:

we was busy hearing the hook but man snitched on himself in the verse LMAO


Who else heard be nice to satan 0:23 #loveliveserve

B.S.D 650 says:

0.23 “be nice to satan” prob sold his soul” 👀😬

SOFLY.Elizia K says:

He sold his soul it said be nice to Santa

Jamari Widemon says:

Who heard be nice to satan at 0:21

Youngbull Zay says:

0:220:25 it says “be nice to satan”😱

Youngbull Zay says:

He for real sold his soul😱

Tahine Wesley Petaia says:

yo that's lit

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