Blueface – Studio (Official Lyrics)

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Trilll. David says:

2:38 best part🔥🔥

Wyd Tyra says:

Just cause I put my meat in her cheese I’m still not yours 🔥

nyudhi obang says:

I like so good

Cynthia Muniz says:

I'm the infinite 8th like 888

Steve Harvey says:

You forgot to put be nice to satan in the background

Randy English says:

He didn’t say nothing about satan, fake news 😂

Marco Plascencia Gonzalez says:

0:18 "Be nice to ….." ion wanna say the name smh

Aimless Eon says:

Probably his best song..But sometimes he can get off on his words..😁

Joshua Ball says:

Lets be honest…

This shit trash

Kshaun Patillo says:

Fettyy wappppp ooooo

Jayda Nance says:

Not a stripper but I gotta keep a pole

Jame'Leea Parker says:

I luv bluefafe


I dropped a parody of one of his songs and made a Christmas remix 😂😂 check it out on my channel if you need a laugh

Rebecca’s Nation 🤣💯 says:

This song go hard best song he ever made when I was done I hit the studio hop in the booth and let the truth be not a stripper but I gotta keep a pole they gotta pay me now just to get up close 🤩🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣

Ice wallow come says:


Britney Mijares says:

“Found large amounts but couldn’t prove I was sellin it”😭😭😭😭

burninghot teapot says:

his best song! But he's off beat because he adds small unnecessary words… Like these Balenciagas ain't got no laces.. Could have just been these Balenciagas ain't got laces lol

Jesus Sauceda says:

Imma blast this at school

Abukar Mahad says:

I came from loveliveserve 😂😂❤️

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