Blueface “Studio” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for “Studio” by Blueface.

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Young W.V says:

2:07 bar.

Hunter Bluex says:

That girl is my sister I fuck everyday LOL

Hunter Bluex says:

This song is fire like this if it true

Dark mares says:

be nice to satan.

Nidda Tyler says:

Just because I put my meat in ha cheese I’m nachos really nigga 😂😂😂

Ty Ty #3 says:

3:15 when you on toilet and asshole burn

PVP Gaming says:

He makes me feel like I should start rapping. This nigga so horrible

Fraz Dar says:

Fuk this shit. Seriously?

AusssieAlix says:

This man low-key ratted on himself

kesley flowers says:

can I fuck your girlfriend

queen rajenique says:

I hit the studio 😁 these Balenciaga ain't got no laces 👌💪💙

RealG7 says:

The point of selling music is for the consumers consumption. With that said, this shit is trash.

Savage Boi says:

Bluceface one of the best

FyRz Duo says:

Who's here because of Loveliveserve ?

Genius Legal Videos says:

Blueface: I am the fastest rapper, I am even faster than my own beat 😂

xxslayerpro420mlg360xx says:


Big Mac says:

Finally a song he made on beat

Iqn YT says:

The best part was at 3:54

Fury X says:

Next big thing? More like next piece of trash. says:

00:25 it say be nice Satan he sold soul The devil😰😰😰😰

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