Code Folding in Android Studio

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Ever feel like there is too much code visible on the screen to really focus on what’s important? Code folding in Android Studio helps us focus on what matters by allowing us to expand or collapse blocks or code or regions of code with a couple of easy shortcuts.

2:35 – Expand/Collapse Shortcuts studio /intro/keyboard-shortcuts studio -5d046517dadc

Thoughts, questions, tips on code folding in Android Studio? Comment below or share on social media. I’d love to continue the conversation.

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Homan Huang says:

I like your tricks, Man.

C Mos says:

Thxs for the tip!

veganaiZe says:

The sound isn't too bad. Except for the fact that I had to turn the volume way up during the coding portion and then I was blasted out by the closing. You can use a noise-cancelling mic to get a little more of a dry sound and/or consider hanging up rugs, comforters, acoustic foam, or even mattresses to reduce sound reflection / echo. Finally, normalize / compress the entire audio track. Thanks for the concise overview!

Anish Arya says:

region folding was new for me, thankyou for this video

Joaquim Ley says:

Hello Nate,
Thank you for the video, I love these small videos with good value!

Small feedback, the audio levels btw face and code/screen are quite different, also on my phone the font color on code sometimes lacks contrast, making it hard to read (Google Pixel 1).

Thanks once again

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