FIRST LOOK: Iron Maiden – The Complete Albums Collection 1990 – 2015

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Unboxing the Iron Maiden Complete Albums Collection 1990 – 2015 vinyl box set! \m/

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E-Hero Stratos says:

I'm a new maiden fan but as cool as owning the vinyls would be, I have to settle with CDs (so far I have Somewhere back in time and Powerslave) and I hope to pick up Somewhere in time, 7th son and Number of the beast soon

PWH HWP says:

Nice video! Ja kiva että oot suomalainen 😀

Vinyl Machine says:

Nice unboxing! I just love the Iron Maiden cover arts!

Iron Maiden says:

Thanks for this video mate. Cheers.

Manuel Da Silva says:

Hi, could you guide me where to buy this box online? I'm in Portugal and those I've seen here have blows in the box, I want to buy where the shipment comes protected as well as samples in the video, I appreciate your help, thanks

Kiss my libTARD says:

yea 100$ us for a box set containing only one record, who are they fucking up this time ?

Jeremy's toaster says:

"Nice thick cardboard" really? That's great to know

Mert Mermerci says:

Do these remastered iron maiden records sound same when they are compared with the original pressings? Do you have any experience or idea about that?

Bad Alibi says:

Iron Maiden sure know how to make money

John Marques says:

I can not insert, there is not enough space for you?

Warren Buitendag says:

No Prayer For The Dying is my favorite after Seventh Son, fight me!

серж райсингов says:

Hello Mikko ! very good preview , could you tell what"s the introduction music in your blogs ?

tonealicious says:

This doesnt come with all those albums so your paying all that money for 2 albums and a fancy box ?

A.J Zz says:

how do you play that huge disk?…

Wargod60 says:

Just subbed your channel I have the complete set. Book of Souls doesn't fit in the box. Those issues are fantastic and great packaging.

Pentti Keinonen says:

My box wont fit book of souls album, anyone else having same issue? it
goes there but then they are too tight in the box and very hard to get
vinyls out from there!

César Vill says:

Hello from Perú 🇵🇪

André Tagliaferro says:

Nice video my friend! Congratulations for the acquisition!

Channel 33 RPM says:

I got this as well. Real nice package. I'm looking forward to getting more from this series.

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