Five Cool Things about Mixing in Studio One

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Five Cool Things about Mixing in Studio One
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I finally got a chance to sit down in mix in Studio One…

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The Intro & Outro song – “The Eagle Has Landed”

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Mark Eugene says:

Thank you for this upload

Terence Kearns says:

DUDE, "Fat Channel" is the first thing that caught my eye about S1. Basically it's directly linked to your audio interface DSP if it's Presonus hardware.

Presonus are the first people that turned a full featured DAW into an operating system for your interface/mixer.

it's 100% KILLER!

This will blow your mind.

yvette says:

I don’t like hard rock, but I do believe I have an ear for sound quality, good job on th mix

Fergus Oates says:

Your vids are helping heaps and bloody funny, thanks dude.

TheJDLaRose says:

As far as my understanding goes, when reading a waterfall the bolder or darker the color the more frequency buildup or energy. Think of the dark blue as say -6db while light blue is -12db

Christian Boddum says:

Hi Glenn! I'm finally getting my hands wet one SO 😉 what did you press to make mixer collapse to happen? I can't find it…… Thanks for the work man 😉

Matthew Scanlon says:

I love pre sonus easy better and easier to use than fucking pro tools

Jd Ingres says:

After I read about the owner in Tape Op, I decided to give em a try and loved the quality and bang for the buck. Used the 1818 with Studio One for years and just got some e5s.

Jim Walker says:

I just got a copy of Studio One V4 and it is very intuitive and the GUI is wonderful. I haven't even had to look at the manual yet! It is truly a DAW for 2019.

borny hitch says:

this was as interesting as Five Cool Things about Me on toilet

Joey Baron says:

Please try Cubase 10…mixer snapshots,and 32 bit interger files

Ruth Clayborne says:

i felt like this before!

Elijah Hewitt says:

I can tell your Canadian just by the way you say "out" hah love it

Denis Lachance says:

Hi Glenn great content as always ! Which software are you using to stream/record (and potentially edit) your desktop with a picture on picture of you in the corner ? Thanks in advance and keep the good working !

Daniel Harvey says:

Which studio one is this? 3? 4?

Lennon Myers says:


Wallace Family says:

Going to enjoy use their SL III mixer with Studio One since now it SO integrates with the mixer. Also, what ever plugin, fader, button… once you click/touch a part of it, you can automate it by clicking in the upper left corner where the ‘A in a box’ is. Touch the mute, click on the ‘A’ in the upper left and automate.

Boss Man says:

When I see their face taking out a corner of the screen I wonder… WHY TF DO I NEED TO SEEEEEEE YOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!😎. TF. . MY LORD.

IamDefiant says:

i actually started using waterfalls when i was…idk 15? 16? i'm 28 now and only ever use them during restoration…working with vinyl or tape… honestly never met anyone who'd use one for basic mixing lol

Don Draper says:

Studio One had a rad app for mixing which worked great on version 3 (they got to work on that name- Studio One 4?!?). With they updated, it became more of a hassle than it's worth to get it to connect again.

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