Five Day Weather Forecast

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Five Day Weather Forecast. Sometimes the weather isn’t as predictable as we would like it to be. Watch as this weather man tries to give the public the most up to date forecast for the upcoming week.

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5 Day Weather Forecast – Studio C


Sam Ng says:

….This is literally what weather is in 2019 we’re gonna die y’all

StarStorm101 says:

We've just gotten word that several research facilities have breached and Illinois and the surrounding areas have been infected with the ebola virus-

whats that?… Ok we have just gotten word that the ebola virus has evolved into a zombie virus after mixing with the flires. Stay tuned

Stacy Bai says:

Who actually looked at their state?


the Earthquakes were bad timing.

Bright Universe says:

You should do the other side of the tv and have people watching the news of this and have them like pack up and that and just have that one person cheering and all of that, you don’t have to I just thought of it

PurrkourCat 1 says:

I'm the 0.1% that survived!

SchattendragonflyPL says:

Wel then I guess we gotta cancel the picnic ?

doggo says:

honestly i would be pretty calm too

leafwish warrior cat lover 888 says:

Seems legit.

Waffle Bear says:

Woah is this real!?!

Bread says:

Texas didn’t have it that bad

Rainbow Brush says:

Why couldn't Florida break off from the U.S? We would all be safe from the worst natural disaster.
Florida Man.

Yeetus deleetus says:

When Cnn takes it too far with the fake news

Olivia Mundy says:

I accidentally fastforwarded it to the end and it went like “not a lot of surprises this week — we have just received word, this is the end of the world’

Martin LaFollette says:

It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring

Apple Song says:

Hey at least Colorado is safe

Sean Jeong says:

Everybody go to Canada!

Sean Jeong says:

Next thing you know aliens are going to take over

Heizel nut says:

Todoroki brought me here

AveryAbby Mo. says:

Talk about Texas!

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