How I Gave My Friends Studio Apartment A Complete Makeover For Under 400 Dollars

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Licensed via Audio Network


Hannah Wegner says:

These videos are AMAZING … happy late new years keep up the great work 🙂

Yvette Sanchez says:

You uploaded this already

Kit MacLean says:

I'm all for reduce, reuse recycle but this is taking it too far.

Julia says:

Cute video 🙂

Grace Felicity says:

Please at least acknowledge you’re reuploading in the description..

Nina Richon says:

Omygush do a makeover In my whole house

brianbrian brian says:


Abdullah Faisal says:

Honey u crazy or something

Vidhi Bhatt says:

Your work is awesome .. But to be honest you speak a lot in your videos which is very annoying

artisticscientist says:

This is just getting ridiculous now…I am unsubbing

Dark Clasher says:

Can you please stop re uploading the same thing?

totesm8 says:

Why are you doing these videos? I get the commentary but are you just doing it to get the views again? I mean you explained it in the first video too.

Latrice Niang says:

I would love to see you makeover a plant hoarder’s apartment! For those of us who have a MASSIVE plant collection, it c an be hard stylizing them. Cheers!

Monae R. says:

I thought this would have steps to how you did it…

Story Time With Erin says:

Please label these so those of us who have seen the old video (before the added commentary) know that it's not a new video. I understand that you're adding commentary, but it's super frustrating to get excited for a new video only to realize a little bit in that I've seen it before and get bummed and stop watching. Reading the comments above me it seems there are definitely more than a few of us feeling this way. I love your content, and although I'm not a fan of these added commentary videos I understand how some definitely could be! My request is just that you label them in the title somehow, so people know and aren't let down. Just my two cents <3

Leah Keck says:

Re upload??? Uggg

pihla01 says:

C'mon….how shitty is this re-uploading thing!?

maria bronowski says:

I don´t think buzzfeed pressures her to re-upload, they decide FOR HER, she probably has no power about that so please don´t be angry at her, be angry at buzzfeed.

elise roche says:

these are behind the scenes videos for each of the makeovers she did u dummies

Mary Haak says:

Besides the fact that this was just reuploaded, you did not even show as good of a shot after as you did before. One of the whole room finished. You showed one of the whole room before. Useless if you are trying to show us what you accomplished!!!

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