How to Find an Apartment in New York City

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How to find an apartment in New York City! I’m moving…again! In this video I go indepth into the apartment hunting process in New York. Which one should I pick??!

Prices of these apartments range from $2,000 to $3,000+ per month. Since I will be living in them I have chose not to say exact mounts. Its very easy to figure out via comparison which one is $2,000  and  which is $3,000+ 🙂

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Erik Conover says:

A video I have been meaning to make since I moved to New York! This is an in depth video on the apartment hunting process in New York City, comment which one you think I got. Happy Sunday!

Isis Abumouch says:

Havent heared you speaking about cost..

Thank you for sharing

James Dotson says:

New York is just wayyy to expensive! Point blank period! I live in Washington state have a 500sf apartment and only pay $575 a month!

Jason Razor -Tate says:

What Kanye song was that at beginning

Melexdra says:

All i heard in this video is 'I'm single' OH REALLY

Malta StoryTime says:

Terrace is a great plus but view is always: an inspiration to your mind !

UndertaleSkeleBros says:

show us the prices

Adri says:

This guy looks like Matt Dillon

kikoi says:

How much tho?!


This is really helpful. I am graduating college and want to stay in NYC so this has helped a lot.

Tyco Jewel says:

I wish you gave prices.

Moses116 says:

Can you do a video for family of 3.

Kat's Kurls says:

the very last one was the best

Norma Ntuli says:

thank you so much this video has been so helpful ^_^

Mike Poznanovich says:

Sorry not useful unless u tel the price. Why would anyone live there. Sorry. I prefer Chicago where I reside. LOL.

lloyd williams says:

all ready no prices

E J Gallo says:

You need to comment on prices!!

shakila omar says:

Why do you resemble paul walker ?

Greg Cleveland says:

It would be great to hear the actual prices just so we could understand the budget process. Thanks!! Great video!

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