I Paid $217.00 Rent 2 Bed 2 Bath & Why I Moved Out ||Vlog 14|| (Low Income Apartment)

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Frenchi' J. says:


Estera K says:

You got pregnant while tax payers subsidized your rent? Wow.

kory zakeri says:

I also am allergic to full time work. Sick as a dog if I go over 32 hours a week.

spikefivefivefive says:

Or you could just support yourself and your child

DumbfoundedHuman says:

Lol… fuckin leaches… they dont want you scumbags bringing men in because next thing you know there are 8 fuckin hoodrats sleeping on your floors..

B-kids Vids says:

All these complaints .. while I sit here looking at my 1000 rent. I dont care what they had to verify if i had the opportunity to live for 200 a month I'd get my Batchlers and save for HOMEOWNERSHIP…that's just me..

Sweetie J says:

This type of response cracks me up bottom line you ask for the government help then your subjected to scrutiny and it’s not on your terms duh!!!!

Elmondo C says:

The democrats wont to get reed of a real men thay just wont women votes .now that's real racist.

Miss B. says:

OMG! Here we have to give 48 hours notice! You cannot just go into a home without notice unless it’s an emergency.

Warrior Saint says:

Im sorry sweetie u had a bad experience..however..this doesnt apply to everybody..so whoevers watching this..please dont be discouraged..i live in low income housing..and thats the best decision i ever made..of course im disabled with low income..but i feel blessed to be in my place..dont be discouraged..be encouraged..everybody's experience is not the same..be blessed!!

Galaxyink Lamont King says:

Because I still got control over you

Black Power says:

Wow! Some kind of friend. I hope you dropped her like an hot potatoe. I pray things are better now.

Bonnie Brum says:

That's awful! Sorry they treat people like that.

Cynthia Lopez says:

You are paying a fraction of the cost for rent. Be grateful. You dont deserve it. You havent earned it or worked for it, so dont complain. Taxpayers are picking up the bill for you and your family….and that is wrong. So stop complaining.

Ann Thatch says:

Sounds like you were living in the shelter

Beverly Seward says:

Welcome to the real world. Handle your business.

Oscar Velázquez Alvarado says:

Vomo puedo condeguir deccion 8 psrs orlando fl. Pido una mano ayuda por favor

Toni Eargle says:

I am glad you are doing better. I guess you have to give up some of your freedoms to use tax payer/government money.

Annette Melnychuk says:

I don't know about United States but here in Canada inspectors and apartment managers by law cannot enter your unit without a twenty four intent to inspect notice

Annette Melnychuk says:

This section 8 housing program sounds like hell! I live in a low income housing and I don't have any stipulations that you have had. Have you looked into landlord and tenancy act or is section 8 housing covered under the landlord tenancy act? It sounds like these companies are breaking the law

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