I Prevail – “Come And Get It” LIVE! @ Warped Tour 2017

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Watch I Prevail perform their hit single “Come And Get It” LIVE at Warped Tour 2017 in Pomona, CA!

Audio mixed by: Richie Gomes

Additional angles by:

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BVTV Music says:

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Eric Kleihege says:

The singer who mainly does the growls range kinda reminds me of Chester. Chester's lows sounded different but there's something about their two voices I find similar.

CoReY ShOtTo says:

He knows that he doesnt have to stand like a statue,put his hand out and bring the mic away from his mouth to sound good..right?..yeah,yeah he knows. 👌🏻

Colby Stringer says:

This is fucking sick

bifo_mgdn says:

Как же жирно, балдёжь.

Luke Bochenek says:

Eric is honestly one of the best unclean vocalists I've ever heard.

Tyler Goodall says:

So glad their new drummer started adding his own style and little tweaks to the song, I hated how basic the drums were before.

John Roger says:

1:08 roblox death sound

Janush Halt says:

Thats a so awesome live act ! nothing with playback respect very good music love this

Tumb Blubbsen says:

10/10 live sound quality. This shits on 99.9% of all other live recordings.

Tyler vile says:


Augie Alvarez says:

I was there and holy fuck it was insane!

Pat Bruno says:

Stop doing clean vocals please!

Sanborn Olsen says:

What a band, every time I watch this I get goosebumps

justinred says:

Sound quality is amazingly good.

Frank D says:

that drummer is jacked

FerroNJ4 says:

Holy Shit. I'm blown away to be honest. I never liked this band, I thought vocals were weak but this live performance shows the genuine quality and range of these vocalists. Excellent power and strength in both of these dudes voices. Sick af and newfound respect for this band.

Anna Muldrow says:

they are so good i’m quaking

Graham C. Whiteside says:

Is he wearing a Silent Planet shirt?

Cat playing guitar On a guitar says:

What did they do to the screamers vocals. Sounds really weird

Arturo García says:

I love the energy of this band

Julian Miller says:

Let’s talk bout 3:35 🤗

John Easterbrook says:

Why the hell does the clean singer keep pulling the mic away from his mouth?

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