Interpreting Aphex Twin: The visual world of Collapse

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A short documentary exploring how Weirdcore  and  Daniel Mason set about creating the visual information for Aphex Twin’s Collapse EP – from mind-melting videos to foil-engraved record sleeves.

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Shot by Luis Munoz  and  Pawel Ptak
Edited by Pawel Ptak
Produced by Anton Spice
Additional visuals by Weirdcore
Music courtesy of Warp


NoPenta says:

How do you do those visual effects in this video?

Kevin Sch says:

I love how the doc just flows like a Waking Life conversation

Rafael Garay says:

Fucking sick!

Gus Edgar. says:

Beg'pardon Mr. Mason, please allow me to point out – & this is mere observation, not criticism. .!!
'Unique' imparts the idea of 'one' & 'one' only….
To describe something as "quite unique" or indeed "very unique" rather jars the shells old chap.
Love the project with apex & the final result…!!
Best Regards,

Victoria Chhim says:

Interesting explanation , gotta love Weirdcore <3 Even more when listening to Aphex Twin, it's perfect match !

Benjamin Siebert says:

Great Video! Very interesting.

James Cope says:

This is a long shot, but has anyone investigated the equations and location clues that Aphex has been giving since the sound cloud dump started? The designer mentioned this in the video and I'm super curious as to what it's all about. It's really subtle sometimes, but maybe some hardcore fans know a little more about it. Like the person says, it's like working with a scientist. He's either up to something, or believes something, or knows something that he's trying to share in a subtle way with other people.

Mattlethew says:

How do you do those visual effects in this video?

slatefx says:

Cracking video, very informative. Collapse is a proper epic EP.

Big Grime says:

Dope very inspiring 👏

Marco Bernardini says:

Q u a l i t y

joshdw says:

What a fantastic video. Keep up the amazing work! Love this channel.

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