Kodak Black – ZeZe (Studio Instrumental) + Giveaway / DL

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Kodak Black – ZeZe (Studio Instrumental)

➕Download Link : https://bst.gg/rd_8
(Only for privat purposes)

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Aliyigit Sonmez says:

Tiktok joined the party

Diego Morales says:

00:12 me encanta esa parte cuando hace ah aaaah

Joaquim Sant'anna says:

Dale Nedved

Im StzZzy says:


Justin Dececco says:

If you rap the lyrics of Eric B & Rakim's "As the rhyme goes on",to this it definitely sounds on point,then again anything would wth this beat

realistic. says:

I guess I like steel drums enough to appreciate this

momo says:

i am really tracer

Birtycle 204 says:

"Im avocado"

xyzo× says:

this song is funny if you play in 2x

HD CLIPS says:

Travis scott did a good job yall can't lie, offset and Kodak messed the whole shit up.

Ariana Ussery says:

I think the singer in the background and beat is better

rpupshaw says:

I really wish lil Wayne would cover this…

jxsonBeatz says:

2000 erreicht 😀

Mapper Mask says:

Freddy kruger needs to put dam cloths

Max TheRugRaat says:

This That G Shit I'm From Palestine bitch aye 903 shit
Thugging In O.T bitch Yeah With The G bitch
Thugging With the G bitch

Call Lil Dee He Gone Release On His Mopsticc Got a Glocc For a Robber On That Opp Shit

Clutching On the book but he Ain't Pop shit

Glocc Shit blow a Knot bitch You Cannot bitch

hot shit on my hot shit on the blocc bitch

Lil Quay bitch Gotta K Sticc For all that hate shit

My brother from another mother we be on some ape shit

Tape bitch Policia At the scene Using Tape bitch

First 48 Close Case We Don't say shit

Niggas Sending Slicc Shots ole boy be on that gay shit

Handguns Holding shells We Getting the job done

Wrap em up throw em far we gone shoot em like and ones

Dunia Jawad says:

Tiktok has entered the chat

T. says:

The song is cool. Tbh a kid at my school "claimed he did this song" just because he has FL studio and a launchpad lmao

Luiz Henrique Dias says:

The memes…

GameBoii Ready says:

Famous dex should've had this beat🔥🔥🔥

Соня Третьякова says:


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