Learn Studio One 4 | Using Patterns – In Depth | Part I

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In this tutorial we take an in-depth look at using patterns within Studio One 4. Topics covered are creating drum sequences, the pattern inspector, creating variations, global settings,  and  more.


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Alvin Boseman says:

Just wanted to say that I appreciate You for the work you do in these videos. They are all very informative and help me grasp working with this complex DAW. Blessings on You and your family!

Terence Kearns says:

Is it possible to set the gate on an individual hit basis rather than just globally for the pattern?

The reason I ask is in case I want to use Impact XT in the APC tradition where I might have a sample on a pad like a spoken phrase where I rhythmically trigger it for different lengths of the sample.

Terence Kearns says:

Very nice work.

How do we use this with a third party drum instrument like Superior drummer or Steven Slate Drums?

JAy R's says:

Great video thanks!

WMG ! says:

you have no idea how much these videos are helping me out, thank you sir!

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