Living Cheap – Tiny NYC Apartment Tour ($600/month)!

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This is a tour of a $600 NYC minimalist apartment in Lower Manhattan (Chinatown). I hope this video shows you guys that living cheap in NYC is possible! The cost is just $600/month (per roommate)  and  it is 300 sq feet (30m2) in size (room is 75sq. feet/ 7m2). Insta: iamlivingbobby


Roody mucho says:

Damn rather live in jersey but then again you want to be a New Yorker not from jersey 😂😂

Nikeya Washington says:

Soooo I got some extra cash from a car accident I had and I thought about moving to New York for college and investing that money in condo until I realize how overly expensive it is. Even the trashy neighborhoods cost money .. so I just decide to stay in Chicago and buy one here cause it’s also a beautiful city for almost half the price.

Dale Gribble says:

Who would want to live in that dirty rat infested AIDS pit NYC? That's a fcking closet. I wouldn't pay 50/month for that.

Kurtis Swaine says:

That place is Huge for the price!

Blana Frate says:

Is this actually real?In my country,i work in a supermarket and i get 370$ a month working 8 hours a day😕

Keith McIntyre says:

I bought a house that is being payed off by roommates , for 24000 , you can create anywhere

Debbie H says:

It's the bathroom fan dude. For ventilation.

Dab King420 says:

1000$ to 10000$ videos fake

Viktor Hill says:

Whats the address of this place I'd so take it for 600 a month im in nyc

Lorenzo Orosco says:

Man come down south, oil field is boomin right now and for six hundred dollars a month rent, would get you two bed room, two bath, with a fully sized kitchen and living room y’all trippin trying to struggle like that. I get we don’t have some of luxuries that nyc offers but the money that you’ll make will help you travel anywhere you want to go or help you create any idea you want to peruse in life.

Nono Tv says:

600=30,000 pesos here in ph, meyn, you can live here in ph apartment monthly for only 7,000 pesos =180dollar hahah, i think 600 is too much, just sayin.

Hanna Dianawati says:

Ive got claustrophobia just by seing this video

Joseph Lim says:

Youre still lucky dude, i slept in a sofa for 2 years, worked night shifts, and cant sleep in the morning because they'll be cooking hhaha

DominiQue says:

Love your edit.

Yashika Mishra says:

I didn't get it. $600 for the apartment to oneself or $600 per head? And share with how many roommates?

Levi 123 says:

He’s cute we should smash 😏

Chloe Lee says:

I just realized you can't get an apartment like this within 600 dollars in my city, Guangzhou China. What???

Myriem Jaziri says:

With 600dollars a month you can live in a one bedroom one livingroom apartment with public swimmingpool in Marrakech, Morocco, north Africa

Duan Torruellas says:

I'm paying 400 a month now in NYC and I'm looking for a place.
I'm sick of living with crazy people
So I will only interact with people who are pursuing a productively creative lifestyle , that's it , I don't care . I'm a writer , photographer , visual artist , and do work in music production and recording.
I do vocals and play piano , and I shouldn't have to live with ignorant assholes of which NYC has no shortage of. I grew up here and it is overrated and sold out , it's a 24 hr. Convenience store.

Joshua Cho says:

Ahhh that’s a couch bunk thing from LEGO movie 😂

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