Matt Maltese – Studio 6 | Live From The Distillery

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Matt Maltese performs Studio 6 for Distiller TV.


Like the centuries-old process of distillation, our mission here at Distiller TV is pure; to deliver some of the highest quality music performances available on YouTube, from the most exciting established  and  emerging talent the music world has to offer.


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Erik Ramirez says:

pure heroine to my ears. This was even better than the studio version.

Phoebe Davies says:

goosebump factor

Yutheeka Borkar says:

His voice has always given me the feels.

LOKI says:

I love your songs.

Tandin Zam says:

Piano tutorial please😭

Charles Foskett says:

lovely! so moving and heartfelt!

cx45830 says:

So heartfelt.

ukelleyle says:

14k views, 450 likes, not one dislike. matt is pure gold.

eimii says:

his normal talking voice sounds SO GOOD

Diana Durán says:

It really amaze me the natural sound of his voice, such a beautiful soul singing through Matt Maltese´s mouth

Jeff Goodridge says:

What a talent and what a voice. I hope he goes far.

J _. says:

sheet? pretty please :c

Bárbara says:

In love with this song!

Elena Ginoh says:

His voice is pure gold.

Mario Aguilar says:

I really love how this sounds!!

dme says:

Wow. This was amazing.

James Daily says:

I could watch those hammers hit those chords all day. So relaxing.

Isaac says:

please say he performed "Even If It's A Lie" too!!

flora isabella grayson says:

beautiful, touching and moving song… <3

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