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Soufiane BOughlef says:

i cant find those 8400 on the market today. could anyone tell me if the 6400 could get the job done ? they're the only ones i found at my local store dealer .

frank jacobs says:

I thank GOD I found you!!! 🤓

Mikey Price says:

I find flipping the headphones around really gives a different perspective.
Also mixing in mono with the level low, as Ant said below.

Joshua Hayden says:

I am surprised how much ambience is in your room with all the sound treatment you have in that room.

mvyper says:

My drums tend to be too loud when I mix through headphones. And I tend to put too much low end. So, I tend to turn the volume down as much as possible, to be sure that my balance is still in check.

OtchengaZoom says:

Thank you for your advices. Very handy. I've just like to add another one way to "reset" or "refresh" your ears It's to turn on the pink noize every 15-20 min at the same pair of headphones.

TheMetalmaniac68 says:

When choosing headphones, should you choose them based on the frequency responses that they cover? All headphones are different. Some enhance bass, some treble..some mids etc.


Only mix solely on headphones if you're wanting to produce demo quality work or you're just doing the project for fun. If you have to mix on headphones, due to budget reasons, which we've all done in the past, then ask a friend to overlook the mix on professional studio monitors and check the balance of the mix. Another option is to do a "test mix" on your headphones and then pay a professional engineer to overlook your song or even replicate your mix (if they use different software) and have it ready for Mastering (should you choose to release this). This option will save you a lot of money as the engineer will already have a blueprint for how you want your song to sound. I would not recommend sending a headphone mix to a mastering engineer – you are going in blindfolded in terms of the overall balance.

DDrummer says:

This sounds like it should work for making drum cover videos. Simple.

Jazz Forever says:

I got to say this: From commercial reasons there is huge pressure to portrait recording engineering as not a artistic and technological trade but something can do anybody just buying right software or any hardware. But, recording engineering is something demanding you to have TEEC Factor. T=Talent. E=Education, E=Experience, C=Creativity. What kind of education? Physics of Acoustic, Psycho Acoustics, Electro Acoustic, Knowledge of at least music theory and history…Are MUST! Otherwise you are just a customer never reach any creative result, or just a hobby.

Adrian says:

Do I need recording headphones and mixing headphones separate? Is there a good headphone in the $100 range that I can use for both purposes?

j-al homestudio says:

A serious disadvantage of mixing exclusively on headphones is: a beginner tends to add even more reverb, having no natural room reverb in the equation. It's when stepping back and using a pair of speakers is extremely helpful. Listening through your cellphone speakers can also reveal imperfections in the vocals as a nice pair of headphones can sound "too good". Small speakers are incapable of producing deep bass which can sometimes mask out-of-tune vocals or various glitches in the mix.

getzfan1 says:

Good informative video! I mix on headphones and speaker monitors then I play the song on a home/car stereo. Since you didn't mention this, which headphones will give me the most accurate sound to mix to?

Dwayne Fox says:

finally someone gets it, thanks

The Kadju says:

The most confusing thing for me is why mix on something good when the sound is suppose to sound good on something bad?

Dane Bryant Frazier says:

Very helpful. Thanks man!

Meso says:

Hello sir… is Breyer dynamic Dt 770 l headphone better than krk kns 6400 and krk kns 8400??
Please help me Sir

Dirty Kid Records says:

if i mix on heaphones and dont play it on anything else sometimes the mix ends up sounding like shit when play it on computer speakers or in the car

Greg Serenade says:

what about closed back vs open back? sorry if this question has been asked already on this post

Mike Broderick Voice Over says:

Great tips Graham. Thanks. I'm going to share this around.

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