Modern Cabin on the Lake Video Tour

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This “Cabin” is neighbors with a beautiful lake, which influenced our design  and  served as a beautiful back drop in the home. Get the look on the blog:

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Jacinta Maree says:

Absolutely stunning!! My partner and I are currently renovating, what colour are those floorboards?

Edrian Nala says:

Fucking love it😍

Lee Francis says:

I could tell she was disappointed about the rug situation in the dining room

megan robinson says:

Can you tell me what wood species and finish are on the floors?

lkc39 says:

I don’t see very many window coverings… what type of window shades do you usually use/ like? Beautiful job by the way! I love your stuff.

James Davies says:

Finally! I’ve missed you guys!

Mahogany Wilson says:

Thank You !

Craig Merkey says:

beautiful as always… I keep trying to put a name on your style… I think it is pre-midcentury transitional…

_blackdalia says:


Raynara Ortega says:

Love it!!! the bunkbeds were my favorite and the kitchen hood!! Great job!!

Hugo Jackson says:

Such an amazing project and perfect execution! I'm really curious to see if all your shots are video shots or some are still images? The cinematography and processing are just so beautiful!

elle Conner says:

The colors are classic!! What’s the color on the walls? Is it Simply White?

BeautyInvestigator UK says:

Another gorgeous house, I adore the colour palette throughout. Very inspirational! X

Chaz Evansdale says:

That green works so well for that space! Everything looks cozy, warm and inviting. I love your designs; you do fantastic work!
i'm saving up to make a tiny/small house based on my own custom layout design, but I'd love to collab with you for the finishing touches color and look. I hope that in a couple years if I get to that point we can work something out!

Carmit Clausen says:

beautiful, tasteful, accurate, high quality, the cabin looks beautiful and cozy, perfection..

Ci Silver says:

What a beautiful cabin! This is a dream!

Naghmeh Khannezhad says:

I love the design ❤️I mean it's exactly the design that I imagine for my own house👍🏻

Debbie Siu says:

Why do most designers not add window treatments to the houses they design? Do you usually recommend or give ideas to homeowners on window treatments?

Isidora365 says:

Where is the beautiful X Quilt from? It is stunning! So is the rest of the Cabin!

G G says:

Dream kitchen!😍😍😍

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