Modern Lake House Home Tour Pt. 1

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Our Modern Lake House is tucked away in the Midwest, surrounded by tall trees  and  a sprawling body of water with arms that branch  and  wind around the area. We couldn’t ask for a better setting for one of our largest projects.
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wrjscott says:

Your work is almost as beautiful as you are. (No flirt, just fact.)

Jean v says:

Wow – what a property! The shades and placement of wood tones throughout incredible. The warm leathers so much better than what is usually on that style.

Mary Lemieux says:

Girl! You and your team have so much talent. Thanks for sharing!

Cassandra says:

Such a beautiful project Studio McGee

Brittany Brown says:

So thankful that you do not do farm house. Keep being creative and innovative

Ian harcourt says:

Just stunning! Love the glass and brass lamps on the credenza – where were they sourced?

Raisa Khandaker says:

Where's the part 2? 😫

Yunye Yu says:

Beautiful– both the house and your video!

Sabine Nordberg says:

So beautiful! These are the exact floors I'd love to have in my house. Would you mind sharing what type of wood/finish they are?


Fabulous work im so inspired

Hector Gomez says:

im in love whit your work !!!

Dany Dants says:

Really beautiful, amazing and it´s totally your signature…but not cozy for a Lake House…too "modern", too cold and lost the charm. However, won in style!

Sheilla Olga says:

I keep coming back 💞💞💞 the creativity of it all 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

LikeUwhereThere says:

I love everything! It's breathtaking!

Creative IDEA says:

Different design. A little naturalness, some refreshment. Of course you notice. Congratulations

Rita Crane says:

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see part two..or three! 😉

Nicole Kelley says:

Your videos are so beautifully done. Your designs are insane and absolutely love watching your work come together.

Bernice Rose says:

😯👀________ this is beautiful!

TheSarasmilez says:

Where are the shelves from? In the kitchen. Or are they custom built

Azizah Kahera says:

I really enjoyed this video. I look forward to seeing upcoming episodes. When are you launching the new furniture line?

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