Move in day! | New studio apartment

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KHILL 6 says:

Really like how you have your apartment, Simple ,looks nice and spacious 🙏🙏

Tim Daugherty says:

Your mama looks soooo. Bored

John Fitting says:

No step on snek

bloopers408 says:

What’s the name of the air mattress?

gatcha videos says:

I have something like that but with no rooms

Yaret A Soto says:

Thanks Now I feel More excited to live on my self

CraverCuts says:

What does he do for work? Can’t find the video on it

miguel martinez says:

Studio living is awesome

Steve Sargente says:

Where did you get that area rug?

Christa Renee says:

Sweet dorm 🙂

Isaiah Walker says:

Sweet apartment. Layout is exactly what I like, simplistic and practical.

Glass Empire TV says:

Mom is the silent Foreman.

Bailey Nourse says:

No step on snek

Mr. Exclusive says:

how many sq ft. is that studio???

Zac B says:

Thats a fucking 1300 dollar bean bag yo

glocksandgold 82 says:

can I become a patreon by bring a bunch of ammo to a Sunday gunday and shoot some shit?

Kayden T says:

That shirt is fucking dope

Yearlink says:

Are you living in new york?

Janina Perez says:

Yuck, American Flags, is that all you could come up with? Yikes. Un- original.

Andrew Nelson says:

where is this?

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