My Book Collection ‘Book Tour!’

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I have had lots of requests for a book tour. I have lots of books to share so I hope you get some ideas of some great books to read  and  new books to look for. Thank you so much for watching  and  make sure to share any books you think I need 🙂 xoxo


Alex Xela says:

It broke my heart when she was talking about the land of stories and said that it was boring😖. Well guess what….IT ISN’T

Nana Plays says:

I cant beieve you haven't read The Land Of Stories! ITS THE BST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landon Parks says:

One suggestion I have for you: The Calder Game series of books, by Blue Balliett.

Alexa's World says:

What Was That Book in the middle of Roller Girl and Sunny Side Up????

Ani Petrossian says:

How old is she?

Sanjay Bhardwaj says:

OMG you have your own library amazing

Queen's Book World says:

I would literally kill someone before I give away a book

Sok im says:

Okay I take that back you have Charlotte's Web.😣 Sorry!

Sok im says:

I think you should get Charlotte's Web.

Sok im says:

I'm sad when you said Staurt Little is boring! But one thing I like that book.

Emily Robinson says:

I would have telecanisis and scuba diving

Emily Robinson says:

I would put my guardian bear in the cupboard

Brookelyn Robertson says:

You are so precious! What a great video! Keep reading and creating things ❤️

PassionPeach567 says:

I’m a classics gal. I like things like LOTR and other older ones like Gulliver’s Travels and Charles Dickens classics. I will devour anything historical fiction. I enjoy fantasy from time to time (I’ve read all of Rick Riordan’s books and have read the entire Harry Potter series.) but not very often. People think I’m weird because I read my books in math class lmao. Never got into Dork Diaries or Diary of A Wimpy Kid. (Always thought it was stupid.) I’m a seventh grader and there’s still tons of things I have to read on my shelves 😂


Sorry this was random… I just like commenting things like this

Allie Tuthill says:

i would put a unicorn in the cuberd

Android gaming channel says:

Can u tell me dork dairy:skating sensation book please?

Android gaming channel says:

You have a great collection of books and I like Your call books I m your biggest fan where do u live I wanna meet u

Anghela's Videos says:

and i hope to have that class dismissed book

Anghela's Videos says:

hi i'm a book lover!and i really wished to have a giveaway of max crumbly and dork diaries book

Kenzi Williamson says:

On the math book I have the science book from that author. It helps me so much! Love you brooke!❤😍😘😘

Edit: Also I read the giver in school for an assignment in English it was pretty good I recommend it to you!❤

Edit 2: do you have any pets? That's for the end of the video btw 😘❤

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