Neumann NDH-20 Studio Headphones

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Lets talk about the amazing new NDH-20  studio  headphones from Neumann!

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Rafa El says:

Min 3:00 I found a usable frequency response down to 15 hez. hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 Don't forget to ensure your ears.

Mike Parker says:

But you’re still mixing on headphones

Life Of Chris says:

..Hello Jerry 😒

..Hello Neumann 😒

Jason Anderson says:

Definitely heard a larger, rounder low end on the headphone mix compared to the monitor mix.

Luca Risucci says:

I noticed a difference in the low end department during this comparison, the mix through the monitors had slightly less low end than the mix through the headphones.

1116Jin says:

What's flat sound? I have a HD25, I don't like the sound, but Momentum 2 is qutie enjoyable.

Northern Dirt says:

Yup getting these

Waz poppin Bimjo says:

Nice shirt! I loved that movie back in the day

Brutal140 says:

You should try out some of the Audeze headphones, they make some for mixing, like the LCD-x and LCD-MX4. They are a bit pricey, but they are very good.

giulienk says:

How the hell do you hear 15Hz?

Allen Harrison says:

From what I could tell you were a little conservative in the bass side of things with your monitors. With the headphone mix, there was more bass and more filling of a sound and the monitors mix lacked that fullness in the lows and even the subs

Keha krug says:

do you have an frequency response graph, to show how flat they are?

Kristen Schroeder says:

How would you compare these to the Beyerdynamic DT 770?

Mosh Bastard Promotions says:

will the headphones or the bass player survive?

RxDoctorDaddy says:

Much more bass and thump with the headphones

sourcefor says:

These vs the HD650's??

Swaraj S says:

1:08 that's why I still watch your channel!

Phillip Phillip says:

Hey Ryan! I have a kh120 monitors for mixing, but i need more low end for music production. So i decided to buy a second pair monitors for music writing. I have seen in your studio Adams. Can i go wrong with Adams a7x and kh120 combo? I wish to have kh310, but they pricey.

wheresallthezombies says:

this is weird but to me it sounded like it was more "closed in" sounding on the headphones and more "open" on the monitors. so idk if that's mental or what.

TopHatCat says:

You should do a mix comparison between these and the kali audio lp6's ($300) THAT would be interesting.

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