New Year’s Resolution

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New Year’s Resolution. January is a time to make goals of how you want to improve in the next year. However, Matt decides on resolutions that aren’t improvements. Watch  and  see if Matt becomes bad to the bone.
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Cast: “Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Matt Meese”
Director: Julian Riley
Producer: Jared Shores
Producer: Arthur Van Wagenen
Writer: Matt Meese
Editor: “A. Todd Smith, Ryan Terry”

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New Year’s Resolution – Studio C


Maggie Patschull says:

he is so good on that thing

Julie Brickley says:

so relly relly good job evrybody

Julie Brickley says:

yall do awesome vidios

Julie Brickley says:

and russel is good to so dont feel bad jason

Julie Brickley says:

and i like star she also cool

Julie Brickley says:

and all the new people

Julie Brickley says:

steven whentne

Julie Brickley says:

i like yall

Julie Brickley says:

awesome jason you remind me of mall cop

Julie Brickley says:

i like your vids

Julie Brickley says:

like your vidios

Julie Brickley says:

i like your vidios

Kaylee Brohman says:

2019 ANYBODY?????

Kaylee Brohman says:

GOODBYE 2018!!!!!!!!!!

Timothy French says:

Anyone catch the bacon cleanse

______ ______ says:

"Bro that's MY little point!"

Cierra Convis says:

So Adam and Matt have scurvy now? The epidemic has spread.

Stormfrost says:

"I wanna find a rabbit and make it wear these!"

Olivia Myus says:

“You use to steal things?” “No, no, but I do now.” 😂😂😂

Stacey Nelson says:

I think Stacey and Mallory are dating?Not sure.

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