Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – The Movie / All Cutscenes + Boss Fights 【Studio Ghibli】

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► Edited by Yic @
► Played by SplitPlaythru @

Enjoy the story of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch with all the animated & voiced cutscenes edited into a movie. Ni no Kuni is a game developed by Level-5 with all the animated cutscenes produced by Studio Ghibli. The game’s art & character styles are also inspired by Studio Ghibli’s style.

Ni no Kuni follows the journey of Oliver, a resident of Motorville. While trying out a new vehicle designed by his friend Philip, Oliver almost drowns, but is saved by his mother Allie; however, she immediately dies from heart problems after saving him. As Oliver cries, his tears cause his doll, a gift from his mother, to come to life  and  reveal itself as a fairy named Drippy, who tells Oliver that he is from another world where an evil wizard named Shadar took control. He also tells Oliver that each person from his world has a “soulmate”, a person that shares a link with someone in Oliver’s world,  and  that his mother looks very much like a great sage, Alicia, who was captured by Shadar. Realizing that Alicia must have been Allie’s soulmate, Oliver sets out with Drippy to travel to the other world  and  rescue Alicia in the hope that doing so will bring Allie back in his world.

SPECIAL THANKS to SplitPlaythru for letting me edit his gameplay walkthrough into a movie. Check out his channel for more JRPG gameplay walkthroughs @

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Gamer's Little Playground says:

For more JRPG game movies, check out Yic17's channel @

Somaiya alwaniss says:

لمالا تتوفر الترجمة

heime1990 says:

the first ni no game is much better than the second game


20:16 i hate Mr Drippy so much hes such a insensitive jurk i just want to beat the crap out of him :(*

YellowDoesMinecraft &More says:


Aurorealis says:

And none of that would've happened if Oliver had just learned how to swim about 5 feet to shore.

Brookie Smallz says:

Is this a good game?

The Cognizant says:

This needs to be ported to PS4.

JazzyIrish is Italian? says:

2:47:18 he has the wand from ding dong dell in his pouch not mornstar

Kali Belladonna says:

Well then…that was depressing

นราพร ไพรมงคลธรรม says:


sexy korean girl says:

whos the green haired girl?

Akbar Brojosaputro says:

6:36 Marnie was there

Javier Cabello says:

I'm playing Nino kuni 2 and certainly this is superior in so many ways….
I'm rteally enjoying Nino kuni 2 but lacks on something charming and heart touching that has this game. I hope they combine things from Ninokuni 1 and 2 to create the perfect game of Ninokuni 3.

Lulu Leigh says:

Love this game <3 played it when I was pregnant with my first baby and its just so nostalgic for me now. Mighty mite reminds me of my son lol might have to get a tattoo of em.

indiancruise12 Patel says:

Shit game play. Thanjs for the shit video. Thumbs down for you

Ōkami-san says:

Hi and thanks for the upload 🙂 I was thinking of doing some gameplay with my daughter and was just curious if you had any issues regarding copyright strikes? I don't want to do a bunch of editing only to have a copyright issue. Thanks again!

RobloxPro Alexplayz says:

I love that game so much!

Chaos Primordial says:

Oliver's story is so interesting.
Especially when Oliver is the reincarnated Shadar.
Oliver was Shadar's soul that was floating until Alicia turned it into Oliver and raised him as her son.

KitKatPotato says:


I loved this game :3

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