OC Ranch Remodel: Kitchen & Living Room Video Tour

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The kitchen  and  living room spaces are crucial, especially if you host  and  entertain as much as our client. They need to be warm, inviting,  and  comfortable for all who enjoy. Check out the webisode to see how we did! Make sure to shop the looks on the blog if you’re feeling inspired: http://bit.ly/2PIsBbc

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dukki says:

what a gorgeous remodel ! i wanna live there

rneustel says:

You know, y'all just can't do a "bad" space!! This remodel is fresh and bright and will be beautiful for many more years. I think you're right on that the fireplace wasn't right for that feel or that particular house! It seemed to drag it down and made it feel too heavy. I think y'all are "masters of the mix" – pillows, lighting, furniture, metals, finishes…all of it!

Connor P says:

That island is awesome! Is it custom or are the plans available?

Leslie Ann Velasco says:

The kitchen looks really great! Does anyone know where I can find the counter stools?

Matthew Voeltz says:

shea your beautiful look and personality reminds me of all four sisters from full house!

eva bragha says:

You guys are so talented! What a beautiful work! I'm just…. speechless!!! 💕💖👍👍😚

Queen T says:

Beautifully done!!!😊❤️👍🏾

Freya Verische says:

hi , i love your design. but im not in america 🙁

Chris Robinson says:

Damn they never disappoint 😯

C S says:

Everything is really lovely and inviting. I'm currently in the middle of a much smaller kitchen renovation in my California ranch house. I was hoping you would be able to tell where I can buy the range hood in this kitchen ( I know you added the wood detail).I can't seem to find one like it anywhere. Thank you!

MusicaErika says:

Gorgeous, love the style. What program do you use to plan a room furniture placement ?

Days with The Grays says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kitchen! My dream!! 😍

StoneWallFlower says:

Yessss! Love love love it all! You make all the colours work so well in the living room. Such great inspo for my new house 💕 I find it tough using that many colours and getting them to work together and feel calm. Even when I’m using colours from a picture, what’s your trick and how do you prevent it from feeling too matchy?

Victor not Victim says:


Chaz Evansdale says:

I knew you always loved a hint of brass, but now I see you always like a hint of black too!
I'm not a fan of the finish on the refrigerator. It feels the color is too plain. I think my problem is not that it's a different color, but that the color used doesn't seem to mesh well with the space. Since the chair's wood color goes well in the space, the nearby cabinet wood color works well, the contrasting wood beam on the ceiling work well, I'd consider trying out one of those wood colors stain on the refrigerator instead. Or maybe the issue is it doesn't have much of a wood texture, but is painted/stained a wood color.
For everything else I love the color combinations. The pillows in the livingroom are so many different colors, which typically doesn't work well but somehow it does and you don't even realized how many colors there are unless you focus on it.

Asiya Bajwa says:


James Lawson says:

U guys did it again! Love the fridge….👌👍

Naomi Frederick says:

I love everything🤗

Sun Soul says:

In typical Studio McGee fashion, you have done an incredible job! I just LOVE how you you tied the other rooms in with the kitchen by cladding the fridge and the band around the vent hood. As a client, I might have been afraid to try that, but I think it's AMAZING! Shea, you and your team have that special magic that I can never quite put my finger on. I truly appreciate your vision! It's so much more than design It's always stunning in some way, yet so livable and real…. I pray I am lucky enough one day for you to sprinkle some of that Studio McGee fairy dust around MY home! ✨😍✨💖✨ I'm excited to see the rest! Cheers!

Eli Home says:


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