Out of Sight (敲敲)

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這是由台灣藝術大學 多媒體動畫藝術學系 95級的三位畢業生所製作的畢業短片



This is a graduation Production made by three students graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

The main character of little girl in the story confronts a robbery  and  strays from the road she is familiar with. After passing a hedge, she enters an unknown world  and  unfolds a magical adventure depending on senses other than vision  and  her imagination. With soft  and  cute colors as the main key, we used simple designs to depict the little girls’ imaginary world.

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Ordinary Meme says:

This so old

Ana NSHP says:

В конце должна была лежать обдолбанная с красными глазами девочеа

Mahi Gill says:

Beautiful 🙂

Fluenzia says:

Beautiful short 🙂

Marina N says:

So sweet… I enjoyed this short film a lot 🙂

Free Dream says:


King Grace says:

Isn't her world so cute??

King Grace says:

CoCo! C'mon, you can do it'! You're wonderful!!

Shelly Kearney says:


Can I have 100 subscribers but no videos? says:

This was so cute, I just love the way you captured using your senses when your blind and just seeing how they see the world.

ForestofTooMuchFood says:

She's blind

Feral Gator says:

This entire piece reminds me of Studio Ghibli. Not only is this animation and coloring divine in how smooth and beautiful it was, but it was able to convey so many unique and well designed aspects that help tell the story of this one moment in that little girl's life.

The flow was so well done, giving the viewer enough time to not only understand how the girl sees, but the process in which she does it. Not only that, but just the imagination put behind the visuals her mind creates, keeping in consideration her age and how the mind of a youth works, was beautifully executed.

Even the designs of the characters themselves reflect so much on how Ghibli would have done it. The girl is simple in her design as well as cute and innocent. You can just tell from the very second her and her dog show up exactly who she is. The music is also very well done, keeping in pace with the story while also changing and shifting with not only the scene in front of us, but with how the girls mind perceives the world around her.

These are amazing qualities to have, and though this animation is now nine years old, its execution from all areas makes it so this little short film is essentially timeless. I can see people ten years from now stumbling upon this piece and being able to enjoy it to the fullness of those who watched it the day it was released.

Simply beautiful work <3

Fruits punch samurai & Fruits chinpo samurai says:

In every 6.6 million people there are 718 heartless zombies, those are the ones who disliked this lovely piece.

Taj YT says:

So it's a girl who's blind but listens carefully

shivraj sharma says:

I love this animation so so so so so much 😭😭😭

Joana m says:

Nunca me canso de verlo 😊💖

Gin Gin says:

That dog will be a splendid service dog in the future

dread knot says:

Japanese best 👍

philipfuchboi says:

You know how you can just tell that somebody put all their soul and passion into something? This animation is fucking beautiful.

Giygas was here says:

Is this what being blind feels like?

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