CLICK FOR WIKI ►► Decibel Meters Reviewed In This Wiki: Tocas Professional Digital Audio Yacker Tracker Noise Detector Pyle PSPL25 Digital Handheld GoerTek™ Digital Mini Dr. Meter MS10 Digital BAFX Products Decibel Meter Extech [More]
In Studio City, where million-dollar homes surround a scenic park, there is no escaping Southern California’s homeless crisis. Now, homeless people  and  homeowners are hoping for a solution that will restore quality of life for [More]
A short documentary exploring how Weirdcore  and  Daniel Mason set about creating the visual information for Aphex Twin’s Collapse EP – from mind-melting videos to foil-engraved record sleeves. More info: Credits: Shot by Luis [More]
To purchase Baby with Angels Lullaby Figure – Joseph’s Studio from The Catholic Company, click here: studio -p3037609/ This Baby with Angels Lullaby figure plays “Hush-a-bye-Baby”  and  features two children, or two angels, with wings praying [More]
Cello collection of Studio ghibli with Calcifer in fireplace. ——————————————————————————————————— [00:00:00] 千と千尋の神隠しメドレー 「千と千尋の神隠し」(Medley of “Spirited away”) [00:05:05] アドリアの海へ 「红の豚」(“To Adriatic sea” from “Porco Roso”) [00:09:30] 君をのせて 「天空の城ラピュタ」(“Carrying you” from “Laputa: Castle in the Sky “) [More]
Code: OpenGL Tutorial UI for progressive mesh reduction with edge collapse, following the method presented by Stan Melax on GameDev (1998). Lightning,  and  controls done with GLUI. Melax’s method finds  and  collapses the edge [More]
The Crayon Song Gets Ruined. The Wonderful Show’s Imaginary Fun Learning Emporium-Palooza Extravaganza Hour get’s ruined by an unhappy crayon. Be Sure To Subscribe ► Watch the family-friendly clean comedy of Studio C on [More]
In this video we will take a look at the Visual Studio Code text editor  and  talk about the features, how to navigate the editor, use the terminal. we will setup some of my favorite [More]
I’ve been living in my  studio  for 6 months now  and  decided to do an update sharing some positives,  and  negatives, I’ve found about life in a  studio . Thanks so much for checking out the [More]
Quick demonstration of how to fold code in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, including using a snippet. GitHub url:
Man vs. Packaging. Adam finds himself in need of a cutting object. But what do you do when you need a cutting object to un-package your new one? Be Sure To Subscribe to Studio C [More]