Part 3 Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

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In this video, we will discuss Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts that we can use on a daily basis to be more productive

To format document in visual  studio 
Ctrl + K, D

To comment selected code
Ctrl + K, C

To uncomment selected code
Ctrl + K, U

Show intellisense
Ctrl + Space

Covert selected text to UPPERCASE
Ctrl + Shift + U

Covert selected text to LOWERCASE
Ctrl + U

Toggle Full Screen
Alt + Shift + Enter

Build Project
Shift + F6

Build Solution
Ctrl + Shift + B

Attach the debugger to a process
Ctrl + Alt + P

Expand or Collapse current element
Ctrl + M, M

Collapse all
Ctrl + M, O

Toggle all Outlining
Ctrl + M, L


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Very Useful Videos kudvenkat i am your Regular listener. nice videos but today a very useful hand handy tool called RE SHARPER which includes all the tricky about including class,namespace format the code very useful and easy to use

naman mathur says:

very helpful video…Sir do we have videos for LINQ ?

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I daily use ctrl k-d to format document. But i dont select code which i want to format and it works perfectly.

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Thanks a lot. Your SQL, C# and .NET videos are very well-organised and helpful. I think it would be a good idea to mention shortcut Ctrl + Pause/Break whichs stops current building.

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