PreSonus Studio One – Getting Started

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Very High Level video on getting started with PreSonus Studio One – How to Create Audio Tracks, Instrument Tracks, Drag  and  Drop Functions,  and  other helpful tips.


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cowboy7x says:

Dude! Presonus should hire you. Best (easiest to understand) video on getting started that I've watched and I've watched a LOT!

Phil Spigner says:

Thank you, Thank you for uploading this tutorial. I have a PreSonus 16.0.2 USB and I didn't have a clue as to how to get started with it. You've made things so easy. What you've explained here is what I really wanted to know about. Again, Thank You!!! This tutorial is very helpful.

Alexandro Rodríguez says:

Thanks, very good tutorial

Fosforito Baez says:

Nice vid man.. easy viewing .. clear concise speech. 9/10.. docked a point for lack of booty

darrell m says:

I just ordered Studio One Pro 4 during "Cyber Week" but have to wait an additional week because they sold out, so I've been watching Studio One Pro 4 tutorials and so far, this video has been the MOST indepth and informative tutorial that I've seen. I also ordered a NI Maschine MK3, which I think you mentioned that you also use. Do you have any awesome tutorials for that as well?

Samuel King says:

Solid tutorial, nothing wrong with going on a tangent, kept me hooked and listening

nusense808 says:

good content and well explained but you kinda half assed it.

Nam Trab says:

focus on the point, less on the tangent – 3mins in and still not much progress.

Larry Doss says:

When composing a song, I have the guitar progression and timing the way I want it but the problem is trying to find a drum pattern and fills that match my song. Is there a simple way to do that , or do I need to import a drum track, change my strumming patterns, and melody timing to match the drum beat patterns?

Jose Majano says:

Jajaja. Estas creativo

Ivan Buljan Van Boelken says:

Why didnt you play something you edited for us to hear?

dennis david says:

I got this software from Electric guitar amp Blackstar the same software is given by Blackstar edition of got it free from black star amp.

Aman Thapa says:

Thanks for the tutorial. can you please upload the tutorial on making backing track from MIDI files.

Real Sobrino says:

Great tutorial bro I hope you keep doing more tutorial help to create a basic template setup bus fx track whith fx for recording at home studio a gate noise reduction reverb delay that help a lot thanks

Studio-214 says:

Man, I really dig the M7 microphone..but has this ever happened to you??
i couldnt work for days because of this problem with the itwo

russel lane says:

Try talking into the microphone

Michael Stocker says:

volume way too low

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