Record Collection: The Doors six studio albums. New, just arrived from Amazon

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Today I had a large box from Amazon delivered to my door. It is the Doors six  studio  albums I had ordered. I have them already but they are all second hand  and  in various conditions so I thought I`d get them all brand new. So very, very happy.

LA Woman
The Doors
The Soft Parade
Waiting for the Sun
Morrison Hotel
Strange Days


TheAgeOfAnalog says:

The Chipmunks – Weird Scenes Inside The Burrow

Vegan Mark says:

HaHa. Because my player was set to playing too fast. lol. Thanks for watching.

Backdoor Man says:

Why does jim sound like a totally different prerson?

Vegan Mark says:

Thanks Max. Yeah, I adjusted the speed after watching this video. Weird thing is that whlst listening to my turntable I didn`t think that the speed was out. As soon as I watched the video it was obvious that the speed was out. Thanks for watching.

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