SECRET to the early IRON MAIDEN guitar sound REVEALED!

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It took me a month, but I finally uncovered the right combination…

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Gear used:
Les Paul style guitar (Electra) dirty fingers NOTE! I am using the bridge pickup. My pickup is wired backwards so it looks like I’m using the neck.
Kramer Fat Strat with super distortion pickup.
Audix F6 to recreate the bass/warm tape
MXL v250 ribbon mic to recreate the bass/warm tape
Plexi (settings all eq on 3, bass on 5, vol cranked to taste. Input jack bottom left)
Blackback Celestion
Unidyne mic 8 inches from speaker
Vintage MXR D+ pedal (vol 8 dist 3)
Vintage MXR micro amp pedal (4 out of 10)
Vintage MXR 10 band (lower mid, mid  and  upper mid boosted)
A sub mic  and  a ribbon mic for warmth (about 20% in the mix)
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Lars Levin Berget says:

I did something like that in my teens 1984-1988…great job, you gotta play with DiAnno dude!

Seamus McFlanery says:

Could you please do one of these for Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son tones? SIT is my white whale tone.

Turkey trail honey bee farm Georgia says:

Could it be a 15in speaker in the mix? I hear dime did that. is that true? If anyone could find this to be true it would be you. You do great research.

Jean-René Hébert says:

Nailed it bro!

Finishin.My.Coffee says:

4:19 one of the coolest images ever. It made me want a Strat and a Marshall when I was younger.

Daniel Barajas says:

Dawg 4hrs Is nothing 😂😂😂 I’ve spent 8 years chasing the Maiden tone

Dales Diesel Service says:


Marc Hoyland says:

?? The intro is clearly 3/4??

Cam Alft says:

paul or blaze were great frontmen for maiden and just kicked it,but dickerson was from Saxon i loved them when they toured with priest and liked his voice out front just as well in both,but yes there are few songs that bruce doesn't seem as well in toned with the rest of the band at moments,but overall a great voice…………………..its like paul stanley of KISS actually going to the phantom of the opera for real,hahahaha….sometimes things just work out and actually fit… matter how odd.

Cam Alft says:

Burr always had to have his toms set up at such an angle he must have thought it was cool looking or something…hahaha…imagine what sound he could have gotten setting them down a bit,..UMPF…
oh well,live and learn i guess..they still kicked ass….."run to the hills… for your lives….."(wow)

dmb70 says:

I agree 100% that their first album is the absolute best.

The Nile Ue Ue Fly says:

It's weird to hear you say "oh i was never into Maiden" because that piece of music you play over your logo sounds so much like them.

King benante says:

Great stuff, on phantom though it’s played close to the bridge in the recording, makes s world of difference. Brilliant stuff though

Francisco Feest says:

phantom of the opera sounds fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big T says:

Love the first two maiden albums, I could never get into the Dickinson era… lost that punky feel to me

Scott Ray says:

Gotta smoke a Cig while you play and you've got it

Joël Tibbits says:

Love the history on Maiden and you sharing your evolution through this process! Great video!

Charles Benson says:

Blacksabbath heaven and hell tone

John Overthinker says:

Wow man I didn´t expect the tone this great! You have really fucking nailed it

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