Studio Apartment Makeover For Under $500 | Separate Bedroom Hack

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Hey guys! I’m Alexandra  and  I film makeover videos to show you how to achieve a stylish, cozy home on a budget — even if you rent.

Today we’re in my friend Holly’s basement  studio  apartment. Some people call them bachelor apartments, but essentially they’re one-room living spaces with little to no divide between each room. Holly recently moved in  and  she’s enlisted me to help her divide her bed from her kitchen, add in a dining table that doubles as a prep space  and  create a functional entryway. This one’s going to be a challenge but I’m determined to do it for under $500.

Video shot  and  edited by Carla Antonio:

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Pink curtains: *
Bar table: *
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Rosemary print: *
Coat rack: *
Mirror: *
Wall hook: *
Curtain: *

Thank you so much to each  and  every one of you for your continued support. I get to make these videos for a living,  and  I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

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Heather S says:

Would you consider doing a makeover for a WorkAtHome studio office?

S J says:

$468.00…is a bit much for what she actually bought.

Princesiita95 Diaz says:

go see Mr. kate videos she is awesome

Princesiita95 Diaz says:

all of her decor are so ugly ! 😱
and that chair that she use on the dinning table is horrible!

Brenna C says:

I love your videos! I'm a new subscriber and I've been looking for someone to watch about home decor! Love your ideas and advice!

gretchen carillo says:

you could have zoned the spaces with carpets also.

gretchen carillo says:

A table on wheels with brakes should also work. Depending on what she is doing. It could be her dining table, a side table for her couch and then a night table for her books when sleeping. 😊

Mommy Garcia says:

It looks great !! But switch the bed & living room area !! Better to have the kitchen next to the living room area !! Other than that , you did a great job !!

Alaa G. says:

Holly had actually done a good job already so kudos to her… the little additions you added were brilliant and very practical!

Damaris Kee says:

I would of moved the bed to the other side or something

Isha says:

wish she Incorporated more prints and color. but maybe the renter wanted neutral colors. however, that shear curtain will get dirty, quickly, as many pointed out.

Clle_Srra says:

This is a great studio apartment makeover!!

Alex Helme says:

Idk why but the bed being next to the kitchen instead of the living room stresses me out so much

chocodeluxe says:

The space looks really cute! I love the entry way hook & the Ikea canopy! I think the chair in the kitchen area is entirely too short, though

Paula Martin says:

I have a very similar mirror I found at Forever 21 for $15. Really cute!

Danielle Blanchard says:

omg can u come do my house?

Ty Queen says:

Couldn't a table have gone in living room and functioned as a coffee table and dining table and then a wall-mounted fold-down table for a prep space next to stove?

R Fran says:

Love your makeover videos! I’m struggling to make my space feel cozy with its 13-15ft concrete ceilings and beige walls (which I cannot repaint). This has made overhead lighting a challenge and any wall art looks teensy tiny. HALP!

Pamela R. says:

I agree with NaturallyTiTi, I would have flipped the room with the curtain still around the bed.

TJ .777 says:


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