Studio Killers – Dirty Car (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Official video for “Dirty Car” by Studio Killers

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Credit  and  a big shout out to Ras Kitchen for using his free samples:

DIRTY CAR (lyrics)

I wish you’d be as dirty as my car
I could be your ride tonight

I may not be (oh yeah) worthy of your heart
But I’ll make you feel alright

So come on into the night
Let’s follow, follow the lights

So let go of wrong  and  right
‘Cause who wants who wants who wants to dance all night

get on my dirty car, alright

Buckle up, hit that beat don’t stop the music 
Face time on the front seat just while we’re cruising
Buckle up hit that beat turn up the music
We’re conceived in the back-seat  and  born to boogie


Studio Killers says:

By the way, we LOVE the Ras Kitchen YouTube channel! Ras is an incredible chef and everything he says sounds like he's an artist. It's no surprise he made a sample pack of his vocals and of course, we felt we just had to use some on Dirty Car. Just in case you were wondering. Big shout out to his channel. Check it here:

no more dream says:

Studio killers need another album I love that voice Sm 😍

DJ Tarmanderrr says:

When your Uber driver is here

owo whats this says:

references (??)

johnny bravo 0:52

jenny (maybe?)2:07

Male Blue diamond (MAYBEEE???) 2:48

correct me if i'm wrong,i don't think i missed any possible references (-:

EternalSurvivor says:

I get the feeling Cherry is carting everyone's asses between sets. LOL

Milexa says:

I barely just got the notification for this, wtf YouTube

raichu kawaii says:

I love the beat!

Revamped Deer says:

Did anyone else see “dirty, Cherry, :), and :<“ in the windshield glare

Erik Simca says:

this shits so catchy even if i cant dance i cant resist to not dance…..

Avery Martin says:

I got lost in the dirty comment section.

Isabella Rosa says:

0:52 Johnny Bravo?

Pink_ Loves says:

Wow I just barely found this.

gavr says:

and now imagine how much better it would be if the light flying lampposts would be to the music.

Ink Sans says:

That is truly that face of
'I don't give a shit, give me my money.'

Hype says:

I lieke dis song 🙏

Clint Hobson says:

I know it's expensive, but what would it take to see 3D Cherry again? Kickstarter? Patreon?

JuicyBot says:

Damn, She works for Uber?

Malachite Mangusu says:

Didn’t get a notification a month ago but it’s recommended now, thank god

Some Random Person says:

1:25 Looks like Salad Fingers.

Not So Graceful says:

The captions are creepy..

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