Studio One 4 plus Scaler is love forever | Best plugin combo 😍😍😍

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In this video, I will show how I use Scaler with scaler to come up with song ideas  and  new melodies. For when I make my beats.

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PC Setup

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Asus – Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard –
Cooler Master – MasterAir Maker 8 –
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MrD hilps says:

nice, i need to start watching more of your tutorials

Charlie Hood says:

Call me Stevie Wonder

BlueJayOnTheTraxx says:

Anyone who see this check my beats out if you can

ST. AUBYN says:

Also, with dragging a fx vst onto a track, just drag and drop right on the track in the arrange window, you don't have to drag it all the way to the left column.

ST. AUBYN says:

Please Studio One users, stop dragging the vst from the browser all the way over to the far left column. To unable a vst, just drag and drop right on the arrange window right beside the browser, you don't have to drag it all the way to the left.

Tbone Beats says:

Plot twist. Studio one already has that function built in.

My Audio Marketplace says:

It is a great software to have on hand. 🙂

Enzo Molina says:

Or you can take 10 years of piano classes xDxDxD

Enzo Molina says:

or you can buy an akai fire and in the note mode you can put the same scale than the scaler

Lo'K8T MuziK says:

I agree, good video.

ShizzleMayne says:

Yeah I love this combo how to you get the midi notes to change bases on color velocity?

Devin Meadows says:

Aye Slim when buying a new sound pack/drum kit how do you pull it up in studio 1. Bought 2 packs and and can’t get the files from my email to convert into my studio 1 setup

G.D. says:

dope. doesn't it work with fl studio?

Locutz M says:

Scaler and reaper is. The bomb too so easy to use together .

Trevor Bailey says:

I’ve never used the scale lock function before. Dope!

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