Studio One Records Rock Steady Mix

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By special request  and  popular demand i made a more then 3 hour Studio One Rock Steady Mix.

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Thiago Nicacio says:

Over mix the very best of Studio one

David Smith says:

Good stuff! Just what's needed on for a smiley Saturday afternoon…

Selector Ali Baba says:


板場和也 says:

studio one nice

Farid Amelot says:

Que du bon jah rastafari sa majesté

Jah Cliff The ReFiX says:

Everything I would select. Remember that there is "NO NEW SCHOOL, WITHOUT THE OLD SCHOOL, "The ReFiX" Say So.

ragga man le blanc says:

The best 🎶

Hans Dampf says:

Nice one. What track is it from that on: ?

Scooter Club Faro Tondo says:

It is possible to have the Play list?

Icarus Jackle says:

that moment when you see rocksteady and get the urge to play some arkham games

Jeffy Ranks says:

que c'est bon !!douceur et groove. come on rude boy 🏁

Li Songpi DI says:


56postoffice says:

32:19; "If  You Knew" by the Gaylads……what a tune. But it's the cut that came after. Never heard that piece before. I know the Heptones did a version but this just threw me. Do you know who the artists are?

56postoffice says:

I'm the Studio One Master, but this is one killer mix!!! And to open it with one of my fave riddims, the "Pyschedelic/Rockfort Rock" and follow it up with the dangerous "Death In The Arena"? Geezus!! You mean business!

sapien82 says:

"take it real cool , never break your mothers rule" man these tracks are just pure FIYAH

petezefeet says:

oldies but pure gold! thank you selecta

sapien82 says:

try a little tenderness is an amazing cover!

John Joseph says:

Made my evening. Nothing better than Studio One to uplift the soul. Big Up Selector !!!

Michael C says:

Love me some Studio One Selections👍🏾👌🏾❤️

selecta74 says:

Much respect for this mix! From another Studio 1 fanatic 🙂

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