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Studio apartments are daunting — you’ve just got one, open room to sleep in, live in  and  eat in. How do you make it a functional small space on a budget? In this episode of The Home Primp, Chatelaine Home Editor Alexandra Gater takes a trip to Ikea for some small space furniture ideas  and  leaves with everything she needs without dropping a ton of cash. Watch as she hacks the $10 Ikea Frack mirror into a wall light, jazzes up the Skogsta stool with chalk paint  and  makes an entryway organizer out of an Bekvam spice rack.

The trick to creating a living space when your apartment is too small for a couch? Don’t forego the Queen-sized bed — instead, turn your bed into a couch with a few cushions  and  tons of cozy throws. And one Ikea Kallax shelf is the perfect way to divide this space  and  even creates a little space for an entryway.

We hope you love these small space ideas as much as we do! Questions or ideas for the Home Primp series? Comment down below or send Alexandra a message on Instagram @alexandragater.


Products featured:

From Ikea:
Spice racks:
Floor light:
Wall light:
String lights:
Kallax shelf:

Clamp lamp:
String lights: and -home/copper-string-led-30-light/037916929705-item.html?ikwid=string+lights&ikwsec=Home&ikwidx=9
Heart decal:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:
Gold spray paint:
Cushions, blanket, baskets:
Open Crazy Late art print: photo 
This Must Be The Place art print:
Alexandra is wearing:



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LE LA says:

Love this video and this girl, she was so to the point and not too chatty..pls post more of her and her decorating about for seniors, yes iam one of them..

Milan Bertone says:

Wowwww! Now I feel ok with moving into my studio. I was so lost on how to decorate a small space. Thank you <3

Marie Rhoelyn Patajo says:

I like this studio apartment so much. I wish my dream small house looks like this. 😁😍😊

Gabriela Cevallos says:

I love how accessible all of these items are :). Great tips and amazing space! Thank you!

monjiaitaly says:

Looks great but its very hard to make a bed with only one side open.

LOOK I have my Eyes On You! #7for7 says:

Feels crowded to me.

The Mad Nanny says:

I'm not a designer but I would have loved to see the bed tucked into the alcove to allow for more living space. The brick wall is beautiful so I wouldn't have divided it with an ikea shelf. I would install a thoughtful piece of wall art or even set up the tenant's existing media stuff against this wall. I wanted to see the designer trying to create (or create illusions of) open spaces in such a tight room. Just my take! ❤

Jay says:

I wish the end was clearer. Most of the time it was zoomed in too much, the camera angle was weird and I couldn't get a good sense of what the place actually looked like. Terrible filming.

Crust says:

on a budget W H E R E

T HolleYWood says:


Cj Cj says:

Is amazing that this can be called an apartment that room can't be more than 10ft by 15ft.. just seeing what they did with it looks like be tripping into everything..

AJ SM says:

Sooo much going on in this tiny space. I would have looked better with less stuff.

D. C. Copeland says:

Ok I think this room is really cool and the makeover looks great. Here is where I was raising my eyebrows: the heart decal. That thing was about $70 or $80 and was "a pain". I would've found some original artwork. I have purchased some amazing large scale art from art students throwing "yard sales" in college. Also, second hand stores can have some really cool posters or even original art. There's just so much you could do with $70-$80 that looks way more high-end and interesting than a vinyl decal that you'll probably get sick of. That's just my take. Great job though

strike sisters says:

there is no tv no kitchen no bathroom

Yoana Brecker says:

Loved this!

Debbie Potter says:

Could be a really nice apartment. Needs a complete do over

sopleasedtomeetU says:

there glaring lack of storage was ridiculous. The designer is a very young person so she probably doesn’t have that much stuff yet or keeps her stuff at her parents. Unrealistic and weird overall. Why a low to the ground bed?? Why a focus on filling space with clutter when there’s hardly any space?? Where do all the cushions go when you sleep?? Who would believe you can hang your coats on that flimsy spice rack?? How does that spray paint work on the accordion light with all the moving parts?? This isn’t a design meant for a normal person to live in. More like a real estate staging.

Danielle Blanchard says:

Can I pay you to come do my place?

Streelight Shimmer says:

Where is the living? wardrobe, place for socks….? All those knick knacks drive me bonkers. Also: the wooden crate as a drawer is awesome but in goes…a scarf? Where is all the necessity items?

Nikola Simonette Castillo says:

Where she gonna put her clothes?

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