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With smart space planning, a  studio  apartment can be both chic  and  functional. See how House Counselor Laurie March redesigned this small apartment to include a seating area, a full bed  and  an office.

See more photos  and  tips from this space: studio -apartment-makeover-pictures?soc=youtube

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C Joe says:

Hanging hats on the wall is so dumb. Why is that even a trend?

Candis Carnegie says:

IDK why the landlord makes the tenant repaint when they leave. All apartments come with fresh painted walls for the new tenant. They were gonna have to paint regardless. This is such a racket!

dc in rb says:

Designer needs to spend more time with cats. Cats need access to their litter box. The window cushion needs a removable cover that's easy to launder. Food dish and water dish need to be easier to access too. But not side by side.

Robin Fitzgerald says:

I couldn't even see the "after" because of the next video boxes. It didn't help that the big reveal was a mere 4 seconds…. What a waist. 🙁

cynthia ferguson says:

brass contact paper WOW!

leeluv96 says:

OMG color on the walls!!!! It's been so long since I've seen color used on walls. Did you cut a access hole for kitty to get in and out of the cabinet?

Liz Hall says:

Great upgrade. Raspberry color so cool.

J Y says:

how does the cat use the litter box then

noelleyyface says:

I couldn’t see the reveal before and after photos because of the ad boxes at the end. Useless.

Katie Killebrew says:

Where is that bedspread from? I love it!

Meka Mom says:


Janice Rose says:

Wow such a beautiful space created!

Asia says:

how is the cat going to open to door to get to the litter box without thumbs :p

Juicy J's says:

I'm in NY, please do my home 😭

Nick Singh says:

My heart melted at 0:07 . What a cute kitty!

diamondheart11 says:

Unprofessional. How do you not even mention the square footage of the space? Or even the links to the products used? How you are suppose to inspire people and give "tips" and not disclose important information. How do you not even use more multi funtional two in one furniture pieces which is a must in a studio. Badly done video. So so in design.

Toozlepops says:

I personally would have put where the desk is, a murphy bed. I wouldn't like everybody who comes to my apartment, to see my bed, and nowadays, murphy beds they are gorgeous, and effortless to open. That way, I could have a bigger desk closer to the window, not feeling enclosed in an alcove. Working all day should be more pleasurable than looking at a wall as if punished.

San Dan says:

The kitchen was way better before. The rest is pretty cute. What you can actually see.

Ingrid Dubbel says:

The bed should not be in the middle of the apartment. It is very awkward.

rahul patel says:

It's awesome can please make a apartment tour vedio for this particular flat.

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