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Learn how to use Visual Studio Code like a pro with my top-ten strategies for developer productivity  and  happiness. – Get VS Code
Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine’s Date. She’s Susan WEE-bers,  and  she’s here to get you ready for your big night!!! Follow her tips  and  your date will love you as [More]
Visual Studio for Mac is the Microsoft IDE natively designed for the Mac. You get everything you need for mobile, web, game  and  cloud development with C#  and  F#, with rich support for Xamarin, .NET [More]
Huge thanks to Linus for letting me tour his incredible  studio ! Check out the Mac VS PC video we did on his channel here: ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🎶 MUSIC I USE [More]
Visual Studio Code is on fire. Everybody loves this unexpected text editor smash hit,  and  for good reason: it can do A LOT. It can compile JavaScript templates on the fly, execute JavaScript inline, manage [More]
In this video, I will explain how to take advantage of the visual  studio  code editor in developing your flutter apps or any other apps. We will see useful extensions  and  shortcuts for vs code. [More]
This fast-paced talk demonstrates some of our favorite tips  and  tricks for Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio for Mac,  and  Visual Studio 2017. Whether you’re interested in quick ways to customize your IDE or editor, [More]
Welcome to the C# Visual Studio 2017 tips  and  tricks. Great developers always organize their code. Your code will speak to you if it is well organized. It helps you to manage  and  collaborate your [More]
Buy Ali Asad C# Certification Book From Appress: Amazon: ···················································································· Welcome to the C# Visual Studio 2015 tips  and  tricks. Great developers always organize their code. Your code will speak to you if [More]
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In this video, I am showing how you can easily fold  and  unfold multiple levels of code blocks in Visual Studio Code. Have you ever worked in a large legacy web app? Have you ever [More]