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My top 3 mixing headphones recommendations for those of you on a budget! Sony MDR-7506: Audio Technica ATH-m50: Beyerdynamic DT770: Mixing With Headphones Like A Pro – ►Mixing Presets & Templates: [More]
Everyone loves the Audio Technica ath-m50x but these are the best headphones for under $100, no doubt! Perfect for Music listening, monitoring  and  professional  studio  use. SONY MDR-7506: UK – US – STATUS [More]
Today I set out to find out the absolute BEST Studio Monitor headphones that combine looks, comfort,  and  amazing sound. Check the time stamps below. (00:00) Intro (06:09) Looks (10:26) Feel/Comfort (15:34) Sound (22:03) Overall [More]
Hey guys! I’m Alexandra  and  I film makeover videos to show you how to achieve a stylish, cozy home on a budget — even if you rent. Today we’re in my friend Holly’s basement  studio  [More]
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