The PSYCHOLOGICAL Warfare Behind Economic Collapse

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The control mechanisms are far more complex than simply exploiting the flow of money ….

Credit: Brandon Smith
Dated: Dec. 23, 2018


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Jose Fernandez says:

Soo true. It really is a psychological warfare is true, cuz ppl are going to freak out, and are not prepared for the Fincial collapse and WW3.

BiddieTube says:

In the beginning of this article, the author says "The protections of corporate personhood, limited liability, unfair taxation of small business competition and legislation shielding corporations from civil lawsuits are all generated by government". This is absolutely essential for start up businesses. I already owned a home before starting my corporation from scratch. If not for these coporate personhood aspects, if my small startup worthless company got sewed, real easy to happen, then I would loose my home, my college savings for my kids, my car, boat etc. Everything would be stolen from, me and auctioned off to pay off the suit. Then on top of that, whatever amount is still unpaid would be a percentage of my personal income, maybe for life. The risk is so high, that I do not even think I would start a business if I had that stated above to loose. As far as start-up and small businesses go, the owners absolutely must be shielded from personal loss. Just that one area I seem to find myself at possible differences with the author. Big corporations certainly do get all kinds of unfair breaks over small businesses, unfair protection from law suits, etc. I agree. I am one those "Listeners" that is busy doing other things, Usually working in my company, while listening to Pink. Thanks for all your great articles.

bigbendrocksinhead says:

Thank you, Pink for sharing this article. I am sure I will be reflecting on it's contents throughout the day. Truth, and people that seek to know it, are rare commodities today. It occurs to me that "self-sufficiency" will soon become a "conspiracy theory." It is the brave new world that we are living in. peace

Curtis Tisberger says:

Let that shit happen then Jew elite hunting season opens

uprite88 says:

The Signs were obvious to me in 2014, when they put the Derivative holder in front of the bank account holder, which is now counted as an Unsecure creditor". While the Derivative holder is counted as "Secure". Which probably means, that they'll be paying each other off with the Derivative monies and stating they're broke after keeping the money in "The Family".
FDIC only has 30 billion bucks, "sorry tough luck, no soup left for you!" Dode/Frank stated that the Gov. will not bail out the banks "Public Bail In!!!" And they'll hand you digital credits of the bank shares, which in the first round of the Reset are doomed to fail.

Max Igan and now many others, talks about the great mud floods back in the 1800's. Train loads of children were let off at train stations, as there were minimal pictures of any population living in these areas. So the adults would pick these kids up as slave labor for possibly for removing mud from these advanced detailed structured buildings and rebuilding society with a clean slate with a new history. The reason I bring this up are the murals in the Denver Int. airport. These murals show that after disease and war, the adult population has been wipe out and the new society starts with kids. (most likely these kids will be dumbed down, like the primitives in an HG Wells movie)

Since they control the weather, how long do we have with this new grand solar minimum? They are already clearing a path in Cally which will probably link to Russia thru Canada. Now were seeing the manifestations of their work with, Floods, Fires, Earthquakes, Volcanoes etc etc. Our food and water will soon become scarce as they'll use these weather weapons to wipe everything out. One of the largest Food Prepper Services has twice been boughten out by gov. There are more fema camps than banks with trains station next to them or underground. For starters, they're drilling down in Yellow Stone to pipe in human feces water 80 feet down to conduct more energy, states Deborah Tavares. These people are freakin's nuts!

Ronnie Regan said, the scariest thing you'll ever hear, "Hi, we're from the Government and we're here to Help!"

moonlightontheriver says:

im always glad to see your posts pink 🙂

alice coppers says:

Excellent article- thank u

Tommy Verceti says:

still love your videos pink!

LD Texas says:

Thank you Pink! 👍♥️💐

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