Top 20 Anime Movies (Not Made by Studio Ghibli)

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Have you raved to your friends about your favorite anime film, only to be met with resistance  and  hostility? Have you ever been embroiled in a fan war with other nerds on anime forums?

Well, put down those pitchforks because Tofugu has finally put all those arguments to rest. We’ve taken the best of Japanese animation  and  smashed it into one list, just for you.

There is one catch though… NO STUDIO GHIBLI films! If we included Ghiblis, they would take up the most of the list ( and  they deserve a list of their own). This is a showcase of lesser known, but no less talented, filmmakers in Japan.

After watching the vid, head down to the comments  and  let us know we were right (unless you have a, I don’t know, a DIFFERENT opinion. Unthinkable!)

And if you can’t sit through the vid  and  want see the whole list right now, head over to  and  read the article.

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foxrumor says:

Please come back and finish the katakana series!!!

joylove307 says:

He's funny- I love his humor.

Iain McManus says:

So much satoshi kon love in this video

dewj12 says:

mind games is best you liberal cuck bastard

iamthe12th says:

While I might disagree with some spots on this, I'd just switch a few around. <3 Tokyo Godfathers!

Vianey Vargas says:

If you like Japan you lose

Mica Nabe says:

god why did Kimi no na wa reach so high in the ranking?

also most of the anime didnt make there, i think even top 100 are not going to show us complete list of best anime of all times…
Why dont you make top 250 anime movies list?

Rituxlistic says:

Come back pls

Arneh says:

so glad wolf children was so high up!! it's been my favourite movie for what seems like forever.

Solax says:

90 percent of this comment section is cancer

TranceFormerFX says:

"Your Name" above "Akira"?
Could you be any more of a shill?

Batool HJ says:

What’s number 10??

URI - official says:

Who the F know Tokyo godfather?!!!!

PHOTON says:

i chose to read the article to save myself from the cringe…..

KaNawogirusa says:

It sucks that Satoshi Kon died 😭

KaNawogirusa says:

Evangelion new movies are trash

Joseph Green says:

Where's Metropolis?

Raben Katze says:

Summer Days with Coo is also a amazing anime movie 😀 one of my all time favs!

Anime Chow says:

I'm sad that A Silent Voice wasn't on the list, BUT I'm glad that Tokyo Godfathers is #1
Good list, btw… I'll check out some of the movies on here

Theo says:

I was lolling at your impression of driving a car so much I nearly missed:
"This movie takes place in Space. Where a high stakes weaponized race called…"

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